Is career in Electronics engineering a good option?

The youngest profession in electrical and electronic engineering has brought us much comfort and electric power inside and outside our homes, hospitals, and on the internet. It also allows for communications, computer and software programming. All other professions have benefited from all this. To become an electrical and electronic engineer, it takes a high-level human mind. Evolution had to wait long to create them. This high level of operation is why engineering was created so long ago, some as far back as 5000 BC. Modern societies, as well as their schools and educators, do not know what makes an engineer and his long-term commitment to studying this complex invisible and solitary subject. This knowledge is a KNOWLEDGE that DRASTICALLY CHANGES EVERY TEN years, and where every product must be guaranteed and maintained to please the customer.
So young people these days have a choice , either to understand the universe around them and come up with engineering concepts which will bring comfort to society………….. who, in turn will never understand what makes an engineer and so society will never respect nor pay an engineer as much as he deserves .
There is an alternative path. One could choose to study the society and provide emotional services directly for the people. This would include work in politics, medicine law, dentistry, teaching and philosophy. These professions will continue to exist for as long as society is around, but engineering and its productions in ANY WORLDZONE have a tendency to roam to low-paid countries where people are looking for work. Their working conditions and salaries are much lower than those of developed countries. It seems that the engineering products must be affordable, but the social emotional services and social professions have to be extremely expensive.
This has happened in Europe and America in recent years. In the past, it was also the case in Egypt, Greece and Spain. All engineering production has gone to Korea, Japan, China, India, and then when the Chinese children realize what I said above, the engineering production of Africa and LIbya ……….. will move over to Africa. But not yet, as these last nations are not blinding their children with engineering careers. Then social turmoil will alter all that, just like what happened in Europe.
It all depends on your goals. One can serve a developing nation by operating electrical power stations, maintaining local communications, keeping cool food hot, servicing hospitals, providing clean water, and producing and distributing clean drinking water to homes. However, they are not paid the same respect as judges, lawyers, magistrates, surgeons, pilots or priests. They only “operate engineering products”, but who never guarantee anything to the society they serve. Society is willing to pay the price for the emotional blindness that it experiences from these professions.
This is your choice: to learn more about the silent universe, where no one will ever know you, or to learn about the emotional society, and its weaknesses, where we are human, the former is a better option to live with ………….. in the modern world. You should study the rise of great empires, and see if engineers were involved in the fall of these great nations. Also check how society treated them. Engineers are usually working hard on their own, but when society becomes unfair, they tell their children that they will join the financial or social professions. This is the next stop for engineering production after China and India. People think that engineering products should be cheap, but that is not true. When it comes to social work, it is all emotional. But it’s not cheap when it comes engineering products. Emotions can be a powerful way to earn a wage.
The two options are to learn more about the Universe and learn more about society. Please look up history of any developed countries and see how its engineering, its family structure, the number of children that married couples are producing and you will find that it is all dwindling away…………… and do please try and allocate a reason for it………………… After observing how society has behaved over the past 80 years toward the engineering fraternity, I decided to do that. It is easy to follow the pattern.

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