Is it possible to have an electronic device where in place of electrons are moving photons?

It’s not. One of the properties in metals is bonds between particles “float” their electrons throughout the entire mass. It’s not so much that electrons perform everything, but that the metals and various other materials possess special characteristics that affect the way they interact with electrons.

Photons can be used to perform some fascinating things. There’s a field of research on this. Conducting down wires slowly flowing over resistors, and interfacing with semi conductors is restricted to electrons. The power of motors, generating electrical fields. All electrical behaviors.

If you’re looking for information on communication technology or the creation of “logic circuits” If that’s what you are referring to with “electronics” Yes. It’s been done. However, powering a laser or making or receiving radio waves, or creating the microwave needed to prepare your meal require electricity to start the photon interaction.

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