Is your passport travel activity tracked electronically?


As of 2016, I traveled all over the world via airplane, train, and ferry. I started in London (UK) I traveled to my home country of the USA, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany and France.

  • Google records and stores Internet searches I made while conducting research on the trip
  • British Airways had a record of my London to New York City flight details and they pass them to the US government
  • I was required to fill out online pre-clearance forms prior to my visit to the US;
  • Amtrak kept records of my train journey through the USA;
  • Russia as well as Belarus visas track my trips to those countries during my travels;
  • Two times at the airport Japan Airlines required the evidence I had provided of my journey from Japan before allowing me to board the plane at Los Angeles (USA) for my single-way plane towards Osaka (Japan);
  • Russian State Railways RZD had the records of my train journey across Russia;
  • My credit card company’s database contains documents of train, airline hotel and travel bookings as well as
  • This is in addition to any electronic record of my entry into my home country of USA, Japan or Russia. However, I was able to travel across Germany without using my credit card , or having my passport scrutinized.

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