Sms Link

sms link
<!-- For both Android and IOS -->
<a href="sms:/* phone number here */;?body=/* body text here */">Link</a>
<!-- Use %20 instead of spaces, + for country code -->
<a href="sms:+123456789?body=Question%20from%20me">Send me a SMS</a>
<!-- Without phone number -->
<a href="sms:?&body=Question%20from%20me">Send a SMS</a>
Send a SMS Text From A Link – the new code
<a href="sms:+919876543210?&body= I%27d%20like%20to%20set%20up%20an%20appointment%20for...">click to send</a>
how to add href of messaGing IN ANCHOR TAG
<a href="sms:+18664504185&body=Hi%2520there%252C%2520I%2527d%2520like%2520to%2520place%2520an%2520order%2520for...">Click here to text us!</a>

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