What are some amazing electronics tricks?

These are the top tech-related advice I’ve found:

  • Set an alarm for your wristwatch, so it is easily located should it be lost.
  • Briefings received come from Nielsen rating

Comes with five dollars inside! If you complete the questionnaire the box, they’ll mail you another 5 dollar bill. Link for those who are doubtful ( The Money For Nothing Survey: Nielsen TV Survey

  • ).
  • Earplugs are a great way to replace damaged ears.
  • It is possible to use the coil inside a pen to prevent the iPhone charging cable from breaking.
  • If the NSA is watching you, or you’re trying to take down Iran’s internet:

(Low-key, no?)

  • It’s quite easy to let extension cords become disconnected. It is possible to fix this issue using loops that loop around one to each

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