What are some hidden circuits inside our common electronics (laptops, smartphones) that can enable additional functionality but are never used?

Although this has been mentioned before, the CPUs and GPUs of our computers are still underperforming most of their time. This is necessary to save power. Normal actions don’t require them to perform at their best. Software can limit their maximum performance. This is known as Underclocking.

These are, in addition to the ones already mentioned:

Many complex electronic devices include a serial port, which allows direct communication with the hardware. After the pins have been located on the PCB, you can access the device with a simple soldering process and a computer terminal. This will allow you to perform actions such as installing new firmware, rebooting, and shutting it down. Examples include D-Link routers and Kindles. (I also have a paperwhite to do some hacking). Above are pictures of Kindle serial port

Then, follow by D-link DIR 860M

The serial port of the router.

An antenna power of a router or laptop is the amount of energy that WiFi signals are carrying. It is greater in power, meaning it can travel further distances and provide better signals. Software is limiting, due to interference, regulatory authorities and other factors. You can install custom firmware on routers (like the serial port hack) or modify software on computers (like this).

We can increase the power of our antennas, resulting in better signal strength and distance speed.

The motherboard of some laptops is the main electronic board that acts as the mother of everything. This is why the name). There are unused ports in laptops. It could be an SSD (Solid State Drives) slot for fast data transfer like your TV series:D, or an empty RAM socket (To add RAM).

Laptop fans can be electronically controlled to adjust speed as needed. Mine rarely reach full speed. You can force them to run at full speed by simply shortening the wire terminals on your laptop’s motherboard.

Most smartphones have notification lights that can illuminate up to 16 million colors. They rarely use more then 10 colors. Rooting an android phone allows you to change the color of your notifications.

As I continue to jog down my memories, I will continue adding more.

Edit 1

This is not a hack or a hack for software, and I don’t know what to call this.

It is possible to connect two laptops without wired or radio networks.

Imagine communication on your Laptop with no radio. There are no cellular, LAN or Bluetooth radio connections.

This amazing work is here

This idea is challenged by. The solution is to use the currents within the CPU to create EM waves. First, Electro-Magnetic (EM) waves transmit, carry information in modern communications. They can be made by simple, patterned movement of charges (current) across an antenna. This is possible with Bluetooth, FM and WiFi, but at different frequencies.

The genius of this idea is in the fact our CPUs are busy processing numbers. However, they also use a lot current and do so in a pattern. This patterned current can be generated by the motherboard as EM waves. These waves can be modulated by code, thereby allowing communication.

So basically, you can transmit or receive with a CPU. This is amazing!

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