What are some of the best books for IES Preparation in Electronics and Communications?

You might be better to look for notes from student coaching. Every year, you’ll see that questions come from the notes.

Electronic Devices and Circuits & Analog Electronics –
(i) Integrated electronics: Analog and digital circuit and system
(iii) Microelectronic Circuits
(iii). Electronic Devices and Circuits
(iv) OP Amps and linear Integrated Circuit
(v) Solid State electronic devices

(vi) Semiconductor devices

Jacob Millman Halkias

Sedra & Smith
J.B. Gupta
Ramakant A. Gayakwad
Streetman and Banerjee

Communication System
(i) Communication System
(iii) An introduction into Analog and Digital Communication
(iii). Communication System – Analog and Digital
(iv) Modern Digital and Analog Communication System
(v) Electronic Communication System
Simon Haykins
Simon Haykins

Singh and Sapre

B.P. Lathi

Kennedy and Davis3.
Signal and System
Oppenheim and Willsky
4.Optical Fiber CommunicationSenior
5.Satellite CommunicationsPratt & Bostian
6.Monochrome and colourR.R. Gulati
7.Control System
(i) Control System Engg.
(iii) Automatic Control System
(iii) Linear Control System
I.G. Nagrath and M.Gopal
B.C. Kuo
B.S. B.S.
(i) Elements of Engineering Electromagnetics
(iii) Elements of Electromagnetics
(iii). Engineering Electromagnetics
(iv) Wave Propagation and Antenna
N. N. Rao

K.D. Prasad9.Digital Electronics
(i) Digital Design
(iii) Digital Systems
(iii) Modern Digital Electronics
M. Morris Mano
Tocci & Widmer
R. P. Jain10.Computer Engineering
(i) Microprocessor Architecture, Programming & Application
(iii) Computer Organization and Structure
Ramesh S. Gaonkar

Stalling11.Microwave Engineering
(i) Microwave Devices and Circuits
(iii) Microwave Engineering
(iii). Microwave Engineering
Sanjeev Gupta
Pozar12.Network Theory
(i) Networks and Systems
(ii) Engineering Circuit Analysis
D. Roy Chaudhary
Hayt13.Measurement & Instrumentation
(i) Electrical & Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation
(iii) Electronic Instrumentation
A. K. Sahney

H. S. Kalsi

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