What are some tips before starting B.Tech in electronics and communication engineering?


All aspiring engineers will find the following useful.

– Enjoy studies! You can stop focusing on IIT and competitive exam preparation. Instead, you should focus your study time on the practical aspects of theory through the text books. Labs can be started in the 3rd semester – this is a great time to do it. – You may prefer to read a foreign author’s book in order to gain clarity.
– There is no subject that is wasted! Many brains have been trained to work on any subject. Start with the basics.
Interlink your subjects. Find the one that interests you most. This could be your new field of work, depending on your passion for the subject.
– Take part in competitions such as Robotics (line followers, robot soccer etc), Coding challenge and Designing challenge.
Join clubs that interest you. Ex: Race car building (international competitions are available for this), electronics clubs and instrumentation clubs. Whatever interests you, get involved!
– Get as much exposure as you can by doing internships and projects in companies, research institutions (IISc, DRDO etc.
Good friends are a great way to make new friends.
You can watch a lot of serials and movies.
– Participate/Organize festivals
– Go on plenty trips/treks/Himalayas/Thar Desert trek/Beach trek and bike expedition(if you could afford)
– Start to meet people from all walks of life, and go on dates.
Romance is possible!
Start exploring the possibilities for yourself! This is the most important thing.

Best of luck!


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