What are the best electronic musics to you?

Walter (or Wendy Carlos): A Clockwork Orange/Switched on Bach/Sonic Seasons

Aphex Twin Ambient Works Vol 1 and 2 (& Surfing On Sine Waves as “Polygon Window”)

Tangerine Dream: Phaedra, Force Majeure, Rubycon, Hyperborea

Future Sounds Of London: Lifeforms, Accelerator

Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygen, Equinox, Magnetic Fields, Zoolook

Vangelis: Spiral, Beaubourg, Albedo 0.39

Popul Vuh: Affenstunde, Aguirre, Einsjager und Siebenjager

Laurie Anderson: Big Science, Mr Heartbreak, United States

John Foxx: Metamatics, The Garden, Cathedral Oceans

Japan: Gentlemen Take Polaroids, Tin Drum

(Please note that the last 5-6 on this list may not be 100% electronic, but that shouldn’t deter you as they are certainly’sonically fascinating’.

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