What are the career options after completing B.E in electronics and communication engineering?

You are graduating at Elect. & Comm. means that there are very few opportunities for electronics graduates in India, as long as they are not from top engg. institutes(IIT,NIT’s,BITS). This stream has many students who either choose to go to work in software companies or continue their education.

As far as I know, there are many options that you have after graduation.

  1. If electronics is something you are passionate about and would like to learn more, then you should consider a masters degree. This could be either a M.tech at top IIT’s, or a M.S. from a reputable foreign university. These degrees can help you get a job in top electronics companies such as Nvidia and Texas instruments, Intel, Cypress semiconductor, and many others.
  2. You are searching for a government job? If you are looking for a job in government, then get a good rank on GATE (likely less than 100). This score could help you get into the Indian govt. departments like Indian railways,DRDO, PSU’s etc.
  3. Public works Dept. is another option. You can also work for Public Works Department (PWD) by securing a good rank at IES. This requires a lot patience and hard work.
  4. OR, you could always look into software companies if your interest isn’t in electronics but you have an inclination towards it.

These are the things I remember. This is what I remember because many of my friends chose these options to continue their careers and achieved success.

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