What are the most important and basic subjects of electronics and communication engineering?

For B.Tech there are 42 to 48 topics, but the in the first two semesters are the same across all streams. in the case of ECE there are more than 30 subjects you need to take a look at, regardless of the subject you are interested in.

If you’ve decided to sit for GATE you must concentrate on these topics :

Engineering Mathematics

Systems, networks, and signal

Electronic circuits and devices (EDC)

Digital and analog circuits

Control system



For IES:

Basic electrical and electronic engineering

Martial science

Instrumentation and measurement using electronic devices

Network theory

Digital and analog communication

Control system

Computer architecture and organisation

Electromagnetics and the latest technology in electronic.

Additionally, if are looking to master networking and communications, you should concentrate more on telecommunications, which includes optical fibre communications Communication systems, satellites and microwaves.

Learning computer language ( C, C++ Java, .net) are always added advantages for B. Tech graduates. However, in a lot of institutions Java and. Net are not element of ECE program, therefore, you’ll have to learn from your co-workers or coaches.

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