What certification courses with electronics and communications engineering field will help me with my career ?

India offers certification courses

Courses with a 1 month duration

  • Digital Design Certificate Course using VERILOG/VHDL: This course covers the basic concepts of VERILOG/VHDL, VLSI, and XILINXISE 8.2i. This course will allow electronics engineers to apply for the position of Technical Lead in chip design firms.
  • PLD Architecture Certificate Course: This course focuses on the fundamental concepts of Programmable Logic Devices (PLD), Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLD), and Field Programmable Logic Arrayss (FPGA). An electronic engineer can apply for the position of FPGA Design and Validation Engineer or Verification Engineer after completing this course.
  • Certificate Course in Microcontroller: This certificate course explains the architecture and uses of the 8051 Microcontroller. This course is ideal for electronic engineers who want to be Micro-controller Programmers.
  • Real Time Operating Systems Certificate Course: This course provides an in-depth study of Real Time operating systems. This course also covers the areas IDE, Pipe programming, and Implementation I.P.C. This course can be taken by an electronic engineer who wants to become an Operating System Analyst or Engineer.

Certificate courses with a 3 month duration

  • Advanced Digital Design Certificate Course: This course covers the major areas of RISC processor design as well as characteristics of MOSFET. After completing this course, an Electronic Engineer can apply for a job as a Digital Design Engineer.
  • Certificate Course in Synthesis & Timing Issues (VLSI Design). This certificate course will give aspirants a basic understanding of how to create synthesizable programs in the XILINX environment with Verilog. Candidates with this certificate will have a high chance of being hired as VLSI design engineers if they successfully complete the course.
  • Certificate Course in CMOS Subsystems Design. Subjects covered during this certificate course include VLSI design basics, SOC DFT verification and VLSI design fundamentals. This course is open to Electronics Engineers who are interested in CMOS Design Engineer jobs.

Courses with a duration of 4 months

  • Certificate Course in Analog Integrated Design – This course teaches students about the design methods of OPAMP, control system applications, and operational amplifier design with MOSFET. This certificate course is for Electronics Engineers who want to become Analog Integrated Circuit Designer.

Courses with a duration of 5 months

  • Certificate Course in Digital VLSI Design and Analog Design: This course covers both Analog and Digital Design. Aspirants will gain a better understanding of the front-end and back-end processes involved in VLSI design. This course is a good choice for engineers who want to become Analog IC Designer Engineers.

Courses with a duration of 6 months

  • Certificate Course in Mechanical Engineering and Its Applications: This course covers mechanics and the applications that enable automation in industry. This course is an excellent choice for Electronics Engineers who are looking to become Mechatronics Engineers.

The best engineering courses can be found at these institutions:

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