What is an expression for the magnetic dipole moment of a revolving electron?

Revolving Electron’s Magnetic Dipole Moment

An atom is composed of a positively charged nucleus and negatively charged electrons.

The electron of charge (-e) performs U.C.M. (uniform circular motion) around a stationary nucleus with
period of revolution T. If r be the radius of the orbit of revolution of the electron
and v is the orbital velocity then

Magnitude of magnetic moment associated with circular current is

The direction of this magnetic moment is into the plane of paper. Negatively
charged electron is moving in anticlockwise direction, leading to a
clockwise current.
Multiplying and dividing the right hand side of equation (5) by the mass of
electron, me then

The negative sign indicates that the orbital angular momentum of
electron is opposite in the direction to the orbital magnetic moment.

The magnetic dipole moment to angular momentum ratio
The gyromagnetic relationship is the ratio of revolving electrons to the ground.

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