Where do all the electrons come from in electricity?

The electron is not a real particle. No matter what laymen may tell you. Anybody who calls an electron a particle does not understand the electrostatic field or electrodynamics.

An electron is an indication of the loss in electrostatic field potential. The electrostatic field pressure is voltage or electromotive force. The rate of electrostatic field rarefactions and longitudinal compressions is measured in amperes or current.

Physics refers to the quantification and mediation of electrostatic field pressure when they speak of the electron. There is no physical particle known as the electron. They don’t need to “come form” anywhere. Field potential existed before we measured them as coloumbs per seconds. Field equilibrium is disturbed by real physical causes. This can cause field potential to drop. This could be a chemical cause in batteries. We are basically causing transverse electrostatic, long-dielectric oscillations in the electrostatic field medium.

Any wire can carry no small amounts of mass. Mass cannot phase through other mass. Any motion would be halted by magnetic moments.

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