Which is the best book for GATE Electronics and communication engineering?

Electronic Devices1. Semiconductor Physics and Devices by Donald A. Neamen
2. Solid state electronic devices by Ben G. Streetman & Sanjay Banerjee
3. Millman&Halkias Electronic Devices and Circuits

Analog Circuits
1. Microelectronics Circuits – Sedra& Smith
2. Robert L Boylestad&Nashelsky – Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory
3. Pulse and Digital Electronics from Millman and Taub

Control System
1. Control Systems by Nagarath & Gopal
2. NPTEL Video lectures given by M. Gopal

Digital Electronics
1. Design and digital circuits by Salivahanan, or Fundamentals of Digital Systems by Anandkumar
2. Digital Logic and Computer Design by M.Morris Mano

Communication System
1. Simon Haykin, Analog and Digital Communication System
2. Taub& Schillings, Principle of Communication System
3. Modern digital and analogue communications system by BP Lathi
4. Electronic Communication Systems by Kennedy & Davis (just the Noise Chapter)

1. Matthew N.O. – Elements of Electromagnetics Sadiku
2. J.D. Ryder Network lines and fields (Transmission lines section)
3. Jordon and Ballmain: Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating Systems
4. Balanis’ Antenna Theory
5. NPTEL Lectures by Prof. R. Shevgaonkar

1. Circuit Theory by A.Chakraborty
2. Van Valkenburg, Network Analysis

Signal Systems
1. Modern digital and analogue communications system by BP Lathi
2. Digital Signal Processing by S.K Mitra

1. Higher Engineering Mathematics by Dr. B.S Grewal

General Aptitude
1. R.S. Agarwal, Quantitative Aptitude
2. Arun Sharma, Quantitative Aptitude

MCQ Book
1. Gate ECE by R.K Kanodia

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