Which is the best book to study electronics basics required for electronics engineering?


You can get a quick overview of the subject by watching the Neso Academy lectures on analog electronic (free on youtube). You will be able to understand the complex concepts that can sometimes seem overwhelming for students with a simplified curriculum.

These lectures will give you a good overview of basic electronics. Then you can start to read books for more in-depth information. You can find books like:

Boylestad – Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory 11th Ed. Robert L. Boylestad

Malvino – Electronic Principles 8th Ed. By Albert Malvino, and David Bates

Millman and Halkias – Millman, Halkias * Integrated Electronics – Introni.it

I’ve only read a little bit of boylestad, as I am not very interested in reading. Lectures are great, I’ve done it from there.

Although it covers all the basics, it can sometimes be too complex. You should first listen to the lectures. Then, read the book.

This is a great opportunity for electronics enthusiasts who want to explore the core electronics.

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