Which is the best short term course after b.tech in electronic and communication engineering?

Thank you for A2A.

As an EC Engineer, I recommend that you take two courses

  1. Systems embedded:

Embedded systems have become a rage these days. It is a growing field in EC Engineering. Everything will become automated in the future, which is impossible without IoT. Embedded will teach you C programming, Linux OS and Micro controllers. You can also get a job as a software engineer because of the C language. Many excellent institutes offer embedded systems training, such as CDAC. You can google it to find out more.

  1. VLSI:

VLSI is where EC Engineers can earn high salaries. This field is rapidly growing. To be a global tycoon, giant companies such as AMD, Qualcomm and Intel are in fierce competition. VLSI engineers are offered huge salaries because of this. There are also good institutes for VLSI. If you don’t know anything, you can Google it.

Hope it will help ….

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