Indian Bank IFSC Code Abhiramapuram (chennai)

IFSC Code and MICR Code for Indian Bank Abhiramapuram – Tamil Nadu(Chennai)   ADVERTISEMENT Get IFSC and MICR code of Indian Bank Abhiramapuram branch in Chennai city or district, Tamil Nadu state along with address and contact phone numbers. IFSC Code:IDIB000A092   IFSC Code IDIB000A092 (used for RTGS and NEFT transactions) MICR Code 600019084 Bank … Read more

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Minecraft Online Make rice with all the worlds and create all the palace drawings of the most simple houses. Unlimited resources are created and deep in the world useful for effective play and survival. The weapon used to block the most dangerous halls is also used to design armor. Helps to create and explore resource … Read more

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Bloons TD6 App Bloons Deed td6 is one of the ninja games.These give you hours of the best strategic gaming available to us everyday. Make sure these are huge tower safe in design. Creating the most majestic monkey towers of eye-catching color, And the action skills of the heroes make them systematically safe. After that … Read more

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Five nights At Freddys  Note: The PC version is a different preferred version. This type of game requires a device with 2GB of RAM.  Features         At Freddie Phosphiers Pizza you have the annual summer work for children and parents to enjoy the same choice of entertainment or food approaching acquaintances. Freddie Buspier, one … Read more

Real Estate Commission Calculator Online

Real Estate Commission Calculator Real Estate Commission Calculator The Real Estate Commission Equal to(V) the Value of transaction less than(C)  the Realtor Fees. The Realtor Fee is Equal to (V)the value of transaction multiple(P) percentage of transaction value(%) divided number 100. The Formula us, Real Estate Commission = V – C let us consider, V-The … Read more

Receivables Turnover Ratio Calculator Online

Receivables Turnover Ratio Calculator Receivable Turnover Ratio Calculator The receivables turnover ratio is equal to net credit sales(INR) divided average accounts receivables(INR).A company’s efficiency in providing credit. The Formula us, Receivables turnover ratio = net credit sales / average accounts receivables let us consider, receivables turnover ratio shows how effective the company is at extending credit to … Read more

Profit Calculator Online

Profit Calculator Profit Calculator Profit is a higher quantity of items Revenue , Total Cost , Unit Price , Quantity . Profit equal to price less than cost. Total profit (INR) equal to revenue less than total cost(INR)  or expressed differently total profit equal to unit price(INR) multiple quantity less than unit cost(INR) multiple quantity(INR). … Read more

Economic Order Quantity Calculator Online

EOQ Calculator (Economic Order Quantity) Economic Order Quantity Calculator Economic Order Quantity Calculator  equal to number of value 2 (INR) multiple demand multiple Order costs (INR)  divided Holding costs (INR) number of value 0.5. The Formula us, EOQ = (2 * Demand * Order costs / Holding costs)0.5  let us consider, Yearly demand for the product which … Read more

Contribution Margin Calculator online

Contribution Margin Calculator Contribution Margin Calculator Contribution Margin (%) Equal to selling price per unit (INR) multiple number of units (INR) less than variable costs per unit (INR)  multiple number of units .  contribution margin is the difference between the sales revenue and the variable costs of a product. The formula us, Contribution Margin = (Selling Price per Unit * Number … Read more

Rate of Return Calculator Online

Rate of Return Calculator Rate of Return Calculator Rate of Return is equal to Final amount received (INR)less than initial value(INR) divided initial value. The cost of investment or initial value and the received final amount. Formula us, rate of return = (final amount received – initial value) / initial value Let us consider, The rate takes a negative form, … Read more

Quick Ratio Calculator Online

Quick Ratio Calculator Quick Ratio Calculator The quick ratio (acid-test ratio) is Equal to Cash and Cash Equivalent(INR) added marketable securities(INR) added receivable(INR) divided current liabilities(INR).  The value of a quick ratio – one of the simple liquidity indicators used in corporate finance to assess the liquidity of a company. Formula us, quick_ratio = (cash_and_cash_equivalent … Read more