Can other electric vehicles use Tesla chargers?

In the USA In the USA and Canada Yes, absolutely not.

In Europe In Europe: Perhaps.

And elsewhere: No idea, Sorry!

In the USA:

Tesla offer a yearly deal for other car companies to let them be able to charge using Tesla SuperChargers. However, in order to permit this, they required that certain safety guidelines are enforced and the vehicles be able to communicate with the billing systems of Tesla.

So far, no other business has embraced this offer.

A reason behind the system for charging issue is the fact that Tesla super-chargers do not have displays , controls, or credit card slots, or anything else. They’re basically cables that plug into your vehicle.

The task of billing users for electricity you consume is managed through a connection between your vehicle (which is aware of the Tesla account number and other details similar to it) along with the charge.

In order to charge your vehicle you connect to the cable…you wait…then you remove the cable, and then drive away. Later, Tesla deducts the amount from your credit card in a timely manner.

There’s also the possibility of charging you an “parking” cost in the event that you leave your car at a charging station that is busy for longer than 5 minutes after it has finished charging…and to do that, they text the user to notify them that it had completed charging.

That’s why any other company would need to come up with a way to complete all of the above – and I’m guessing this is the reason this isn’t being done.


In Europe I’ve read that some countries passed laws that required automobiles to comply with the J1772/CCS standard. I’ve heard that this will allow other types of cars to use Tesla chargers. However, I don’t know how to charge for electricity is paid since Tesla chargers typically communicate with the car in order to get credit card details and then charge you on a regular basis.


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