Will electricity be produced when a planet with a metallic core, passes through a large magnetic field, such as exists in a binary star system?

Let’s say we have 2 sun-sized stars and an Earth large planet and the planet is sufficiently far away from the star that it isn’t being ripped apart by gravity tides. (About 2.5 times larger than the diameter of any star) If we assume that the planet travels exactly between two stars, the energy produced would … Read more

What is the point of electric cars if they still use the electricity produced by electric station (which in turn use earth resources)?

There are two major aspects: The energy used in the power system is derived from various fuel sources, that include renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, so this means that there is less carbon emissions; The carbon-based fuels that are utilized to generate power at large-scale power stations can be converted into useful … Read more

Is hair a conductor of electricity?

Actually, it depends on the type of electricity being spoken about. Static Electricity? Yes, it is which is why your hair may “stand out or become straighter” after coming into contact with an electric body. When we speak about electric charges that flow continuously dry hair is an insulator and are not able to conduct electricity. But wet … Read more

What if I put electric guitar strings on an acoustic guitar?

I’ve done it before as a young guitarist. My instrument that time was a gorgeous 1950 Martin (old) Dreadnaught that was dubbed, “Jumbo Spanish” in the daytime. It was the classic slinky extremely smooth, flat-wound strings designed for electronic guitars. It was complete fail. The guitar’s sound was muted and dull, and without the clarity or sustain. I’ve never considered … Read more

Is the universe electrically neutral?

According to our knowledge, the answer is yes. Electric charge is an completely conserved. Therefore, any difference between negative and positive charges has to have its origin at the beginning of our universe. However, even if the universe was charged electrically at the time of inflation, this imbalance could have reduced to unobservable levels. Another reason for imbalances … Read more

Which engineering is more related to robotics, mechanical or electrical?

Mechanical…No electrical, wait a second, for ….software programming sensors, electronics, High voltage electrical. Oh, and maths, you can begin with maths or materials science. I’m sorry, but I’m sincere, there are plenty of people on this forum who understand what I’m trying say.. It doesn’t matter what your first step into robotics is. The truth is that … Read more

Why can’t electric cars be self charging?

Absolutely, and with the help of regenerative brake. To reduce the speed the motor, it acts as a generator to charge the battery. It recollects some of the energy required to accelerate and continue However, it does not capture all of the energy of it, which means it is not a machine that is perpetually moving.

Can the internet exist without electricity?

Of course , it shouldn’t. Internet is made up of interconnected networks which span the globe, using a variety of special telecom equipment and computers. All of them require electricity. Joke Answer: You could also develop a substitute for electricity by using the pigeons (IPoAC). There is a formal proposal that has been tested on real. But … Read more

How does electricity work in space?

Similar to how it operates in the world of Earth electrons flow between a negative and a positive potential. Remember that electric currents are usually transported through conductive wires. it doesn’t matter if these are enclosed by either air or a vacuum because the physical process is identical. Radio waves are able to travel the same (at … Read more

What are the biggest myths with electric vehicles?

The most dangerous myth about electric vehicles denies their role to reducing greenhouse gases. Although some electric power is generated by fossil fuels, electric vehicles consume 3 to 5 more energy per year than equivalent gasoline vehicles. [1] Many bogus numbers are tossed around. Another myth exaggerates how long that it will take to recharge an electric vehicle. Connecting … Read more

What is the difference between electricity and magnetism?

“Electricity” as well as “magnetism” are terms that define general categories of phenomena. The first phenomena that could be described as “electrical” were the phenomenon of attraction and repulsion that involved statically charged things. As our knowledge of the world developed and so did the range of “electric” phenomena and, over time, we began to understand … Read more

Is buying an electric scooter feasible in India?

Thanks for visiting A2A. It appears that you are looking to purchase a car to make your commute easier! Electric scooters are made with the intention of reducing the cost of electricity you pay. The majority of electricity is generated by thermal power , unless you are able to power your house by another source. Most electric … Read more

Why are electric cars so popular in Norway?

It’s a mixture of historical as well as more recent decisions in the political arena. In the past, cars were taxed heavily in Norway. In the 1980s, and even before the introduction of sales tax on cars, taxes often exceeded 100% of the initial price of the car. If you had a large, powerful vehicle, the tax … Read more

Why is electric charge a scalar quantity?

The electric charge can be described as an inherent property of elementary particles. It’s the quantity of this property that is stored in the particle, which is released for observation when placed in an electric field. In the same way, mass is an integral property of a body that is observed when it is placed in the … Read more

Which are the best electrical wires?

To select the most suitable wire, you must determine what you need it for.Wire used for wiring in homes differs from the wire that is used in electronic devices. If you plan to wire a home, it is essential to adhere to the National Electric Code. The code is applicable to every situation that you could … Read more

What is the dimensional formula of an electric charge?

It is a part of the SI unit system, unit unit for electric energy i.e.ampere(A) is taken to be the basic unit. Electric current flows charge at a constant rate. I=Q/t Q=It So [Q] = A1T1A1T1. where T is the unit of time(seconds) Dimensional formula for a quantity is indicated by the number enclosed in brackets.

What is the physical significance of electric field?

The electric field can be described as a mathematical structure that helps explain non contact forces. It stimulates to develop our imagination. We are unable to perceive the field, but we can feel its effects. These effects allow us to identify and quantify the effects. As we say, one field is more powerful than another if the charge … Read more

Do the electric trains run on AC or DC?

Electric trains operate on DC and overhead lines transmit 25000 volts AC which is converted into DC and then drive the series motors to drive. In the beginning, overhead lines could carry 1500 Volts DC. The first railway line was Calcutta up to mogulsarai 4,11 miles. I was involved in the project for a short period of time.

Does cctv works during power cut?

Power is a source of food source for electronic devices. There are a variety of kinds and brands of CCTV cameras today available with various choices of power sources. For instance Hikvision’s IP cameras can support PoE and 12VDC. When you install the camera it is recommended that you supply both of the components. The camera will … Read more