Do professional chefs use gas or electric stoves? Why?

My wife and me were building a house together and installing built-in appliances. The professional chef who taught lessons in the demonstration kitchen at the store where we went shopping was a great help.

I asked him about stories that gas stoves could pose a health risk due to particulate matter released as the gas burns. He denied having heard of it and said that it would be very harmful for the gas-based restaurant industry. He said that he had been cooking on gas for nearly forty years, both at home and in restaurants. He was healthy and hadn’t heard of any other gas cooks having health problems.

I asked him then which gas was more preferable, natural gas or induction. He stated that he would purchase gas if he could afford it, but only because he is used to it. Induction was his preferred choice, he said. He explained that induction is faster at adjusting heat upwards than regular electric. He felt that induction was even more efficient. It is also easier to control once one gets used to the settings and element sizes. The cleanup is also far easier. Interesting that induction units have found a place in restaurants

We purchased induction and we are very happy with it. Induction is a friend’s favorite method of cooking. She broke her top by dropping a large cast iron pan onto it. It was difficult to replace. You should also be careful when moving pans around on the top. This is especially important for making pancakes, flipping them and agitating food. First, lift. For forty years we had an electric ceramic smooth top. It was so easy to do. It is not uncommon for gas users to lift the pan while agitating food. However, it would seem that it would not be nearly as dangerous to do this with a cast iron pan on a gas stove.

We would definitely go induction again. Gas is a great product and promotes the notion that you’re a professional cook. It’s also interesting to note that young people love the induction concept and “techie” look. Older people love the “snazzy”, comforting feeling that a high-end gas range provides, and how it impresses them in a way induction does not. Although they may not sound very significant, the induction advantages are worth it. They will be a significant difference in the long-term, as we’ve seen.


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