Electricity is what we get when electrons move from one place to another and magnetism is what we get when electrons spin in the same direction. What is gravity? Is it associated with electrons or any subatomic particles?

Let me try to think abstractly.

An electric current can be described as a moving electric charge. It doesn’t have to be an electron, but any charged particle will work. An electric charge that is moving produces both magnetic and electric fields. However, movement is a matter of perception. If you chase a moving charge relative to you, it may not be in motion at any time. It’s better to talk about the electromagnetic fields that charges create, and not split it into an electric or magnetic part. This depends on the observer’s motion.

Mass-energy and momentum are also responsible for creating the gravitational field.

What is the difference between them? The difference between the two? However, everything in Nature has energy-momentum.

Additionally, the energy-momentum of objects is proportional to how much they can resist a force. We can therefore say that gravity is universal. The ratio between the gravitational forces and objects’ resistance to them is the same for all objects in the universe. All objects thus accelerate in the same way within a gravitational field. The “charge-to mass” ratio of objects is different. Some have lots of charge but little mass while others have lots of mass. All of these objects react differently to electromagnetic fields.

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