How do I get into ISRO after completing a B.Tech with electronics and communication?

A Btech score of around 70% will give you a better chance to be selected, even though the cutoff is 65%. ISRO now conducts exams twice per year. It is easy to follow the interview process.

Writing Tips

  1. Get the last 5 years paper
  2. Identify the topics that were discussed in these papers
  3. Practice the topics in a gate MCQ book. Keep practicing.
  4. You should also ensure that other topics that are very popular in GATE are being prepared
  5. Exam Questions: Answer as many questions as possible, but only those questions that you feel 100% confident about are allowed to be answered

Tips for interviewing

  1. Freshers should prepare well for their final year project. Make sure you know the why, how, and what. This means that you are able to give literal information about your project.
  2. Nobody knows what your contribution is to a project. Be confident and act as if everything is possible.
  3. You should be able to answer a few questions about the project. For example, how it works, what other techniques are available to accomplish the same task, and why this technique is not being used.
  4. You should prepare for at least three subjects as favourite subjects. They may ask you to tell them your fav topic, but only two, and keep the third one as backup in case they ask.
  5. Keep it simple, no hifi funds, electronics engineers expect you to understand basic concepts and equations (you must be able write).
  6. Use the whiteboard during interviews to make yourself more professional
  7. Do not bluff during interviews and expect to answer at least 80% of the questions.

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