Goa Electricity Bill calculator Online

Goa Bill calculator Online:

Fill the unit consumed in the first box, and then enter the number of month to be calculated. You get total electricity bill along with energy charges, tax and fixed charge.

Choose Reading or unit:  
Select Supply 1 phase3 phase  
Unit Consumed: kWh
Enter Month: Month
Energy Charges: INR
Fixed Charges Amount: INR
Electricity Tax: INR
Electricity Duty Charges: INR
Meter rent: INR
Result – Total electricity Bill Amount: INR

Per unit rate in Goa:

Per Unit rate in GOA
Scheme Unit Per unit(₹) Fixed Charges
LIG 0-30 40
LT D 0-100 1.4 25/con/month
101-200 2.25
201-300 2.85
301-400 3.65
>400 4.25
Three phase All same as 1ph 60/con/month

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