How can I generate my own electricity?

A variety of ways (most of which are dependent on the location you reside):

  1. Private windmill There are many producers of wind mills designed for customers. If you are able to put it together (or arrange for it to be constructed) on your own property and start creating electricity. However, unless you reside in a very windy region the system is not likely to provide enough electricity to the needs of your home.
  2. Solar panel – It is possible to buy solar panels made by a number of manufacturers and then have them (and an additional battery backup system) placed on your home. If you reside in a sunny location you might be able generate enough power to satisfy the needs of your home. The panels are costly and, in many cities they’ll require to be set up and maintained by certified electricians.
  3. water mills if there is an uninvolved stream or a small river that runs across your land, then you might be able to set up an water mill that will spin a turbine and produce electricity. But, the river has to have sufficient flow to allow this, and there might be environmental regulations that limit (or restrict) the possibility of doing so.
  4. Geothermal – If you’ve got geothermal energy in your home, then you might be able harness this to power your electrical needs. But, it is likely to be very expensive, and require professional installation and maintenance . Additionally, can affect the quality of the water in your region. The process could also have to be monitored by either the state or federal government.

In truth, unless you possess an exceptional understanding of electrical and electricity systems it’s just too costly, too risky and takes too long for people of average ability to generate electricity. If you’re not able to comprehend even the basics of electricity, don’t attempt to do it.


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