How do electric motors produce mechanical energy?

Through the interaction of magnetic fields, electric motors create mechanical energy.

Two magnets are needed to push their North poles together. This motion will be blocked by a repelling force. Move one North pole towards the South pole of the magnet opposite. They will be pulled together by an attractive force.

A current can be passed through a wire to create magnetic fields. The field can be intensified by winding the wire into a coil. The coil can be wrapped around an iron core to intensify its strength. The coil’s North end will be the North and the South side. The current flow through the coil can be reversed. The magnetic poles will switch. Two separate coils can be placed near one another and arranged so that one turns while the second is fixed. Next, arrange for the current to reverse in the moving coil just as the opposing poles are aligned. Here is an image of the 1828 Jedlik DC motor.


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