How do I calculate the electricity bill from the rates given behind the electricity bill?

There are many parts to the electric bill.

Example: Meter charges(if applicable) per month charges, service charges usage charges, etc.

After adding all the charges, excluding the usage charges, we must calculate the usage charges.

Charges for usage are divided into 3-4 categories according to the type of unit employed.

If the reading for a months is. Then the charges will be the following:

It is worth Rs ( 50x 3.50 ) +( 100 x 5.50 ) + ( 250 x 5.75 )

If the value of x falls lower than 400, or greater than 400, the bold values will change depending on the value. The values of these depend on the electricity provider.

*Note: The numbers in bold are the rates that may differ based on the provider.

We also need to add another charges too, based on the type of connection, the provider, and certain other parameters that can come from the invoice or asked in the query.

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