How do I use ac with less power consumption?

Follow the below-mentioned ways to reduce your electricity bill by using AC:

Strategies to cut down on electricity costs by using an A/C

  • Make sure that all windows and doors shut.
  • Try running your A/C with a higher temperature as often as you can (25degC 27degC). It draws more electricity when it is running with a low temperature more often.
  • Make use of a fan in the evening. Since at night, the temperature is likely to have dropped compared to daytime. Also, you should run your AC prior to going to bed, and then run the fan when you’ve gone to the bed.
  • Cleanse the filters at minimum once each month to keep its effectiveness and lower the cost. (This is vitally crucial).
  • If you’re thinking of getting new AC, go for double inverter.
  • Do not keep any appliances that heat (Refridgerator iron box, refrigerator etc.) in the same room that A/C is.
  • Use sleep mode (If you’re equipped with) or set a timer before going to sleep.
  • Do not use ceiling fans in conjunction with A/C in the event that the roof is directly under the sun.
  • Make sure to not put an outdoor device in a spot in which it receives more sunlight (avoid any chance of getting sun exposure).
  • Insulated walls are an added benefit to reduce your electric bill indirectly.

These methods can be followed and you will see a substantial reduction in the cost of electricity within the next few days.

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