How does a turbine help in producing electricity?

Wind blows towards the turbine’s blades. When wind touches the blades of the turbine, it loses some of its kinetic energy relative to the design. Wind turbines also capture some of the wind’s kinetic energy. The aerodynamic design and rotor blades of the rotor allow the rotor to begin rotating. The rotor blades convert the wind’s kinetic energy into mechanical energy. The low speed shaft attached to the rotor turns at a speed of 30-60 rotations per minute. However, this rotational speed does not generate enough electricity.

Figure 1. Figure 1.

This problem is solved by connecting a gearbox to a high-speed shaft. The rotation speed of the gearbox increases from 30-60 rpm up to 1000-1800rpm. The generator generates AC electricity. This electricity is then transmitted to the population centers via high-voltage.

The animation below explains how wind turbines produce energy.


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