How does an electric fan work?

Ceiling fans are very easy to use. It consists of a single-phase induction motor.

The electric motor can start and run by turning the ceiling fan capacitor.

The motor receives an electrical current and it enters the coils of wire wrapped around a base metal. The current travels through the wire and creates a magnetic field that exhales force in a clockwise direction. This transforms the electric energy into mechanical power.

The motor coils spin as a result. The fan captures the spinning motion of the coils and transfers it to the fan blades. The fan blades’ slicing action pushes the air down, creating the breeze.

The whole process circulates air throughout the room as the air is replaced by the air from the ceiling. Because hot air rises, ceiling fans are very effective. The hot air rises and heats the room. The fan mounted on the ceiling pushes the hot air away from top of the room. This action allows for more hot air and thereby creates a breeze. This is what makes ceiling fans work in all seasons.


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