How is electronics and computer engineering at VIT Chennai?

Although I’m not from vit, I am currently doing my btech Ecm in Snist HYD. Ecm is a combination of CSE and electronics core branches. We have core subjects like EDC, pdc, theory, embedded system, network theory,mpmc etc. from Electronics branch, and (os, DBMs,c.c++,Java. Python,.Net. computer networks etc.) from CSE.

We are now going to the job opportunities and placements. Unfortunately, we are not eligible for any PSU job like (iocl ),hpcl DRDO isro etc). If you are looking for a government job, don’t choose ECM. However, you can easily get placed in any software company (in my college ECM has more placements than core branches like IT).

If you are looking for a career in Iot or robotics, this is the branch to choose.

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