What is the difference between ECE and Electronics and telecommunication Engineering?

There is practically no difference in India! They are theoretically different.

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (ETC).

ETC refers to semiconductors and devices based on them, Analog Electronics Circuits Circuits Switching Circuits Microprocessors, Digital Electronics Circuits Circuits Microcontrollers Digital Electronics Circuits Embedded Systems, Power electronics, and many other similar topics.

All the topics are connected to circuits or semiconductors.

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE).

Digital Communication, Analog Communications, Wave theory and Propagation, Electromagnetic wave, Antennas and Microwave, Digital Signal Processing, Signal and Systems, Computer communication, Networking, Data communication and many other similar topics are covered by ECE.

All subjects, in short, are connected to signals and waves.

Engineers should be able to comprehend all aspects of engineering. While specialization can be beneficial, it is not necessary to have knowledge in all areas. ETC and ECE can be found in nearly all colleges and universities.

What makes India different? Meh! Every engineer eventually gets placed in an IT hub.

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