How long does an electric scooter run?

The range of electric scooters is controlled by the power train of the vehicle, which is the result of the motor, battery and controller. There are other elements to consider, but these are the main ones.

The electric vehicle we use for our company, called the Flux EM1, has a range of 50 miles on a single battery (with 2 batteries). With just one battery, the range can be 25 miles. The majority of electric scooters that are available on the market have similar specs with the distance of around 20 miles or over.

Lithium Ion batteries are the most efficient and lightest available, but they’re also cost-effective. Electric scooters are available with greater range, however they have a higher cost. For instance, Genze 2.0 Genze 2.0 has a range of 30 miles per charge however their model is a little more expensive.

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