How much electricity does it take to charge an electric car?

When it comes to the use of electricity there are two distinct factors that matter. Power and energy.

Energy. It’s the energy stored in the battery in order to drive the vehicle. It’s typically described in the form of kWh. A 1,000 watt kWh can be that is used for one hour. Also 10 light bulbs each 100 wattseach, on for an hour, will consume 1 kWh.

The most important aspect of the energy required to charge electric cars is it is nothing to have to do with its size. The amount of energy required in charging an electric vehicle is dependent on the distance traveled and the heating or cooling requirements. Most electric cars can get between 3-4 millimeters per kWh. If you drive 60 miles, your electric vehicle is likely to require about 15 to 20 kWh for recharge.

Power. The power measures the speed at which energy is distributed. If you require 20 kWh, that could be 20 kW in one hour 10 kW for two hours or 1 20 kW over the course of 20 hours.

A typical 120V/15A outlet within the U.S. will provide about 1.4 Kilowatts, which means it will take approximately 14 hours to charge 20 kWh. A 240V/30A circuit has 5.7 5 kW, which means it will take only 3.5 hours.

A majority of people travel around thirty miles each day. This means that they will only require around 10 kWh, which makes the usages about half of what I have calculated previously. Calculate for your specific situation.

Whatever way you choose to go, whether it’s high power to speed up duration, or using lower power to last longer it’s the same , and is measured by the miles you traveled.

Not everyone will be aware that Watts equals Volts * Amps and ask what the reason my power calculation for 120V and 15A resulted in 1400 watts instead 1800 Watts. The sustained current draw of the circuit shouldn’t exceed 80percent of the rated load. Because electric vehicles are a continuous load, they must be sure to comply with the limitation. All calculations must be been taken into consideration.


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