How To Apply for a Biometric passport In Algeria

How To Apply for a Biometric passport In Algeria

What is the procedure to submit: In person:

  1. The application file must be made with any municipal or administrative district, or daira within the same wilaya, or with the consular service in the country where the residence is for Algerians who reside in other countries.
  2. The applicant must visit the above offices in accordance with the required documents, go to the services desk and ask for assistance
  3. Complete the application form, and attach all required documents, and send them in.

Web-based application:

  1. Applicant must visit the web page link and then select”Apply Now” to download Biometric app Passport
    How To Apply for a Biometric passport In Algeria
    How To Apply for a Biometric passport In Algeria

  2. In order to be able access online applications, you’ll have to sign up for an account first, in case you don’t have one.
  3. Input the required information correctly and submit. An acknowledgment of receipt will be sent out to your email address that you sign up with.
  4. Then you’ll be asked to activate your account and sign into
  5. Then, you will need to be precise in filling out the application form then upload the photo and then print it out.
  6. Select an enrollment website and schedule an appointment with the location you prefer, on which you must be present in person at the scheduled date and time with all required documents to ensure that your Biometric information can be collected.
  7. If all the details are correct, you will be informed that you are able to come and collect your passport.

Documents that are required Biometric passport

The applicants who live within Algeria:

  • Affirmatively filled in application form and attested by the interested party
  • Extracted from special birth certificate no. 12-S of the person who is concerned;
  • The document proving Algerian nationality in the event that the request is first submitted;
  • The document of residence that dates not more than 6 (6) month;
  • The attestation of work , or any evidence documenting work, or the certificate of attendance for schoolchildren or students;
  • Four (4) color identity photographs, digital current, fresh with the same color (the backdrop of the biometric photograph should be solid free of outline and with white as well);
  • Tax receipt, also known as a tax stamp, the value of which is proportional to what the content of the paper being requested;
  • A duplicate of the blood group card.

Applicant residing Abroad:

  • Completed application form that is accurately filled in and signed by individual in question or by the person who is legally responsible for minors.
  • Extracted from special birth certificate no. 12-S for the person in question;
  • The valid registration card for consular services;
  • Documentation of residence abroad
  • The attestation of work , or the school certificate for the students or schooled children;
  • Four (4) photographs of identity (the background for the biometric image must be clear, with no outline, and must be white in color) in digital color, color or recent, identical and current;
  • Tax document, such as a tax receipt in the amount that corresponds with the type of document being requested;

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Interior:
Adresse :Palais du gouvernement, 01 Rue Dr SAADANE ALGER
Telephone: +213
Algeria Consular and diplomatic representation in the world : Contact Information

What Are All The Eligibility

  • All Algeria citizens who live either in Algeria as well Abroad.


  • The period of validity of an adult is 10 years, and that for minors is 5 years.

Documents to Utilize

(application form) Application Form
(STDs requirements for photos) Passport


The guidelines of the Photographs demands during the application filling:

  • The photo must be current and be similar to that taken the photo at the time of filling out the application.
  • Background of photograph should be unified without outline , and the color white.
  • The image must measure 35 millimetres in width and 45 millimetres in height.
  • The face’s size must be between 32 and 36 millimetres (70 to 80percent in the front) starting from the lower part of the chin up from the bottom of the skull to the peak (excluding hair)
  • The image must be of high quality, with no wrinkles or streaks
  • The image must not show either underexposure or overexposure. It should be correctly contrastedand not have shadows created on the face or the background. Color photos are highly advised
  • The head must be naked with no headgear or any other decorative objects. Your head must be in a straight line, and the face should be facing the lens.
  • The subject must not have any facial expression. He or she must maintain an unassuming expression and keep their mouth shut.
  • The face must be clear. The eyes should be fully visible and clear
  • If you wear glasses, there is no requirement to wear them for the photographs. If you do wear glasses, they must satisfy the following requirements:
  • The frame shouldn’t be too thick.
  • The frame should not obscure eyes
  • the glasses should not be tinted, nor colored.
  • There should not be any reflection on the glasses.

Requirements Information

  • Name and address of the applicant
  • Birthplace and date of birthplace and date of
  • Sex of the applicant
  • Specific details of the duties assigned to the applicant
  • Wilaya from the apply
  • The applicant’s blood group is a part of his
  • The applicant’s marital status
  • The professional of the applicant

The Document is required

An e-Passport is also referred to as biometric passport. It has an electronic chip embedded with the same data. The chip is able to store the same information displayed on the passport’s data page: the name of the holder and date of birth as well as other biographic details. The e-Passport includes an identifier for biometrics.

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