How To Apply for a Tourist Visa In Algeria

How To Apply for a Tourist Visa In Algeria

  1. Complete your Visa Application Form
  2. Fill out the form with all the necessary documents.

Documents that are required Tourist Visa

  • Passports that remain valid for a period of more than 6 months.
  • Formalized Visa application form Three (3) three (3) copies duly filled out and signed
  • Three recent photos well-run,
  • A invitation letter or proof of lodging including name, relationship , and address for the duration of time spent in Algeria. The host’s signature must be confirmed through the commune in which they have the residence.
  • or a letter written by a hotel that has a reservation agreement in Algeria as well as the period of stay.

Get in touch with to the Algerian Embassy within your city for any additional documents you might be required to provide.

Office Locations and Contacts

Lookup Algerian diplomatic missions abroad

How To Apply for a Tourist Visa In Algeria
How To Apply for a Tourist Visa In Algeria

Documentation is needed

Visas are a legal document that states that an individual is allowed to travel into or out of the area in which the visa was granted, subject to authorization given by the immigration officer upon entry.

The authorization can be a form of document, however it usually comes in the shape of a stamp that is endorsed by the passport of the person applying (or the passport replacement document).

Information that could be helpful

List of countries that are not subject to visa requirements:

  • Tunisia
  • Morocco
  • Mauritania
  • Libya
  • Yemen
  • Mali
  • Malaysia
  • RASD
  • Seychelles
  • Syria

External Links

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Algeria:

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