How To Apply for a Business Certificate Incorporation In Cote Divoire

How To Apply for a Business Certificate Incorporation In Cote Divoire

  • The process of registering an entity’s name is generally quite straightforward. A form is given to you to fill out and submit all the required details to the appropriate official office of the government.
  • Check the validity of your proposed name for your business by contacting the Commercial Registry. To verify this, you need to visit the offices of the Commercial Registry in the Cote Divoire, and within a couple of days or weeks, your name is approved.

Then you are able to

  • You can get a certificate through an authorized bank. Depending on your bank’s policies, price can range from 100,000 and 120,000 CAF Cote Divoire
  • Send documents for Department of Companies. Submit documents to Department of Companies and obtain an invoice.
  • Affidavit the contract of the company
  • Get the notice of incorporation
  • Register for taxes
  • Employers can register in the National Authority of Social Insurance

for a larger-sized domestic company

A notary drafts the laws and documents the capital paid-in that is a minimum of 1,000,000 CAF. If entrepreneurs register with a larger capital the different percentages is applicable based of the size. If the share capital is of between CAF three million to CAF 9 million The charges are 33% of the capital of the share.

  • The notification of incorporation is done in 3 publications through the one-stop shop (CEPICI). Following publication, business owners need to collect the samples of the papers as they may be needed to create accounts with banks.
  • Get a seal of the company

Documents Required Business Certificate Incorporation

  • Identity documents like driver’s license, passport etc.
  • Physical address proof as well as postal address along with contact numbers.
  • Employment verification

Office Locations and Contacts

Min. of Trade & Commerce


Ministry for Industry and the Promotion of the Private Sector

Directeur gnral / Director General: Mr. Denis Loukou Bohoussou

B.P. V 65


Immeuble de l’Industrie

Rue Lecoeur, Plateau

01 BP 2337 Abidjan 01


  • (225) 22 41 16 65
  • (225) 22 41 16 53
  • (225) 22 41 10 87
  • (225) 22 33 53 43


  • (225) 22 33 53 45
  • (225) 22 41 11 81

E-mail address.


What Are All The Eligibility

Any person over 18 years of age who wishes to start an enterprise within COte Divoire are Eligible. In order for a company to be certified as a business it has to be either medium or large-sized, or small, employing at least 50 employees and have a starting with a capital investment that is 10x that of the economy’s per-capita gross national revenue.


The registration costs are in the following order:

  • Capital that is less the amount of CAF 5 billion 0.3 percentage of capital.
  • If the capital amount is CAF 5 billion or greater: 0.1% of capital for each fraction over CAF 5 billion.
  • CAF 5000 for the deposit of in the Statutes (frais du dpt de statutes) and CAF 1 000 to make an official declaration on fiscal status (frais de dclaration fiscale de existence)
  • Stamps duty must be paid on the articles of incorporation, as well as for the statement of notary (DNSV) at an amount of CAF 500 per page.
  • Fees for registration of $15,000 CAF (CAF 10,000 registration fee and CAF 5 000 to purchase the certification)
  • The recording of the DNSV can be subject to a set fee of 18,000 XOF.
  • The price per issue is 15000 and 600 for three newspapers. .


The document is valid for a duration of 10 years for those who are not from the country. You can renew it if you want, but for citizens from Cote Divoire it is for the duration of the company is still in existence.

Processing Time

For the processing of a business certificate for processing in Cote Divoire it takes less than 14 days.


  • Entrepreneurs need to reserve a business name with the Costumes Revenue Authority a one-stop shop in Cote Divoire.
  • You must have a valid certificate issued by the Authorized Bank of Alexandria branch.
  • The founder has to submit the corporate documents
  • It is necessary to pay fees for the establishment of your company.
  • You have to register for taxes

Requirements Information

  • You require a certification from a licensed bank.
  • You’re looking for information on the documents for Department of Companies. Department of Companies and how to request an the invoice
  • Notarize information from the company’s contract
  • Find the incorporation notification
  • Tax registration for tax purposes
  • Employees are registered with the National Authority of Social Insurance

Need to have the Document

How do you register a business name is a concern asked by many entrepreneurs who want to incorporate and create the name of their new company in Cte d’Ivoire.The administrative and legal obstacles faced by entrepreneurs from Cote Divoire will be supported by this article which examines the processes as well as the time and expense required to start an industrial or commercial business with more than 50 employees and a start-up capital of 10 times the country’s per-capita gross national revenue.

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How To Apply for a Business Certificate Incorporation In Cote Divoire
How To Apply for a Business Certificate Incorporation In Cote Divoire



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