How to Apply for a Business Tax In Morocco

Apply for a Business Tax In Morocco By Online

1. Join as a taxpaying taxpayer in a nearby tax office in the area you operate in Morocco-

  • Download an application for registration form, and then fill in the form correctly. Be sure to adhere to the steps step by step of the complete form;
  • Attach or accompanied by identification proof, send the completed form to the Tax bureau located in Rabat or any nearby Customs and Excise tax administrative Tax office in your home region;
  • After you have submitted all the required documents, after which the Tax Authority will capture your fingerprints and photo;
  • The verification process will start with the submitted information before a Tax Identification Number will be issued to you.

2.You could choose to file a tax for business yourself or hire an agent to do it on your behalf.Thereafter you must file the correct tax will provide reciprocal maximum tax rates from source, which is 15 percent for dividends paid to investors in the portfolio 10 percent on dividends to parent corporations as well as 15 percent for the interest (except interests paid out to government or another Government or any of their instrumentalities which is tax-free at the source) on dividends to portfolio investors, and 10 % on royalty payments that include the rental of films.

The Tax also covers costs for technical assistance and equipment rentals.Equipment rental may be taxed in the event that profits are attributed to the maintenance of large equipment available for rental in the country for longer than six months.

You may file tax returns in person , or you can ask the tax agency you have authorized who can file tax returns in your name. You or your agent must begin the filing process by calculating tax liabilities In this scenario you will be obliged to ensure that an assessment of taxes to be paid is made, and then you pay taxes due tax(es) due to any bank that is designated;

As an expatriate, must file annual tax returns for your business the same way as residents of a country who do not live in another country. Then, you must obtain the correct tax return form for the tax return you want to file, then fill the form in full and send it along with an assessment notice as well as proof for payment of tax to tax officials.

Once the tax authorities receive documents, they’re analyzed to verify that each detail is filled on the form.

Required Documents For Apply for a Business Tax

  • Tax Invoices
  • Payment Slips
  • Audited financial statements
  • An exact statement of profit from every transaction
  • Annual Returns

Office Locations and Contacts


Avenue Annakhil, Hay Riad 10000 Rabat, Morocco

Phone: + 212 537 57.90.00 + 212 537 71.78.00

E-mail :

Website :

From Morocco dial (Eco number) : 0801007000


  • The individuals or entities that have their principal business located in Morocco is taxed on all of their earnings.
  • People who do not have their primary residence within Morocco is taxed on incomes from Moroccan source.


Free no cost


Valid for one year.

Processing Time

Processing takes about between 5-7 days


1.An applicant must be regularly conducting the business of Morocco.

2.The applicant must be registered in Customs and Exercise Administration in Morocco as tax Payer.The tax rates vary from 10 to 30% , with an exemption for the first five years of operation.

3.The business tax is also imposed to the annual rental value of commercial premises (rented or owned) as well as rentals of real estate dividends, interest, royalties, as well as earnings from personal services.

4.All businesses are required to pay and forward taxes on an basis of actual data;

5.Returns can be made either in person, or by contacting a tax professional

6.If the agent you are contacting reached, ensure that they are legally authorized to provide the services within the country of origin;

7.Income earned from purchase or selling of tangible or intangible personal property is taxed as an income source in Morocco.

The Information You Need

1. The name and address for the the applicant

2.Nature that business has.

3.Details about bankers.

4.Certificate that a company has been incorporated.

5.Amount of Tax due.

6.Services rendered; and

7.Amount of tax on value added to be paid.

Documentation is needed

The tax system of a country is an important element for any business that is contemplating a move to new areas.

Taxe professionnelle is imposed on people and businesses that routinely operate operations in Morocco. The business tax is levied to the annual rental value of premises for business (rented as well as owned) which is capped by MAD 50 million, net of VAT. The tax rates vary between 10 and 30% with exemptions during the initial five years of operation.

Business tax is payable on equipment and machines utilized as integral components of the establishment.

  • It is comprised of taxes on the value of rental for the premises of a business (rented or owned) and a set amount based upon how big and the nature of business
  • Tax rates vary between 10% and 30%, with an exemption of the initial five years of business.

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