How to Apply for a Business Visa In Morocco

Apply for a Business Visa In Morocco By Online

1. Begin by visiting the main page from Consulate General The Kingdom of Morocco

All travelers will require to have a valid passport that is valid up to 90 days prior to applying for the Business Visa to Morocco. However, we strongly recommended to travel within the 6 month validity of your passport in all times.

Step 2 Second, make sure your passport has blank Visa pages.

The majority of destinations like Morocco requires that you have sufficient un-used pages within your passport to allow for the stamps required at time of departure and arrival. It is suggested that you have at least two unpaid pages in the Visas area of the passport prior to traveling to Morocco however, you can have extra pages for your passport added in your passports as quick as in 24 hours.

Step 3.Those foreigners who intend to conduct business in Morocco require an official business visa. To be able to submit an application to apply for Business visas, businessmen is required to supply authorities with specific documents. valid passport. It should be an original and signed passport that has been in use for at minimum 6 months beyond the duration of stay at Morocco with at minimum one blank visa page that is available, on which the visa must be stamped.

The applicant’s photo should be 600 by 600 pixels. It should be 250 kilobytes and be in 2xbit color. Alongside that photo the applicant should complete a Form Application and pay the visa cost of $140.00. The money must be made payable before an official the Moroccan Embassy or a bank approved to process fees for visas.

Step 4.A A Letter from Morocco It is a letter from a sponsor or host organization in Morocco informing the applicant of the relationship the person applying and the reason of the trip to Morocco. The letter should specify the duration of stay, location of residence, as well as hosts contact details.

A Business Letter is a letter addressed to the an employer or sponsoring organization, on the letterhead of a company, which introduces the person applying, including the status of the applicant’s employment and the position they hold within the company in addition to clearly detailing the reason of their visit to Morocco. It also identifies who is financially accountable for the applicant, and should give specific contact information for Morocco. A Moroccan Business Letter of Cover Letter can be created via the internet, just complete the business Letter Form and then print the completed document on your letterhead for your business.

To do so, visit and fill the form and submit. Once the form is completed, the form must be printed on letterhead of the company and then the form must be signed by an authorized individual.

Phase 5Once these items have been given to the appropriate authorities, the applicant is able to arrange an interview. They will need to prepare certain documents in order to be taken on the day of the interview. This includes the applicant’s passport at present as well as a photograph and the receipts that were obtained after payment of the necessary cost, as well as an confirmation letter of appointment from the individual providing the visa for the applicant’s stay in Morocco.

When preparing the paperwork, the applicant needs to study the questions is likely to receive during an interview. The applicant will need to have an answer prepared, in case the interviewer is asked questions. It is important to prepare a decent answer,

Apply Online
  • Us residents can apply for a business visa on line by visiting and follow the procedures as provided on the link.
  • Additionally, a Moroccan Business Cover Letter is also possible to create via on-line. Simply complete the business Letter Form and then print the letter you have completed on the letterhead of your company. To do so, visit and fill the form and submit. Once the form has been completed, the form must be printed on letterhead of the company and then verified by an authorized signer.

Required Documents For Apply for a Business Visa

1.Applicants authentic passports that are valid

2.Duly filled out on-line application Form

3.Application Acknowledgement Slip

4.Recent photos of passport size coloured photographs

5. On-line visa payment receipt

6.Evidence for sufficient money

7.A Valid return ticket

8.Acceptance of the immigration Responsibilities (IR)

9.Evidence of enough funds to sustain oneself in the country

10.Letter of introduction from sponsoring organization or agency or a formal letter of Invitation from the company that hosts in Morocco.

11.Letter of invitation to apply for a visiting or business visa

12.A photocopy of the certified certification of registration issued by the Morocco company

13.Photocopy of vaccination for Yellow Fever

14.Police Clearance Certificate

15.Copy and Original Evidence of Residence in Morocco

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Avenue F. Roosevelt Rabat Morocco

Telephone: +212 3 776 15 83

Tel: 537-762-841/ 761-583/ 761-123or 761-195

Fax: +212 3 776 55 08/537-765-508/ 764-679


Website :

in the USA

For brochures on tourism you can get in touch with the

Moroccan National Tourist Office at:

Moroccan National Tourist Office

There are 104 West 40th Street,

Suite 1820 New York, NY 10018

Tel: 1 (212) 221 1583/84 Fax:

1 (212) 221-1887 e-mail:


A person from outside the country who wants to travel to Morocco for a short-term commercial activities generally attend meetings in the country for business;


Fees differ based on country of origin of the applicant

Moroccan “Business Visa” Costs

17.40 GBP (Embassy/Visa fee)


Business visa valid for 90 days

Processing Time

A typical visa can take between 2 days and 15 days for processing at the Morocco Embassy or Consulate, based on the consulate you have to submit the application to and if you decide to expedite the process of obtaining your Morocco visa.,


1.An applicant must make sure that he/she has valid passport and an empty visa page

2.A business visa doesn’t allow employment-related actual actions;

3.Applicants who reside in countries where visa interviews are conducted must be aware of the scheduled date for the interview in the process of filling out online application forms;

4.Endeavor to carry all the necessary documents to be brought with you when attending an interview.

5.It is possible to request interviews to be moved and it is done after submitting an the application.

6.Applicants should be prepared to follow the regulations and guidelines of Morocco Immigration Service as well as those for the entire country.

7.Applicants should be aware that granting an entry visa is not guaranteed entry into the country.

8.Applicants must be aware no matter if they have a visa the entry of a person could be denied by the authority that handles immigration;

9.Always try to provide authentic and accurate details when making a request for a visa

10.Ensure that the information on supporting documents is exactly the same as the information you provide in the application form.

11.Do not remain in the country after the validity of your visa.

12.If you plan to remain in the country beyond the time limit of visa, you should try to extend your visa before it expires.

13.Applicants should be aware that Moroccan visa applications must be submitted on the internet;

14.Applicants must be of good character.

15.Applicants must be in good health.

16.Applicants must be aware that cash-based payments for visas aren’t accepted. All payments have to be made via the internet;

17.Visas purchased in the cash will be rejected at entry points in Nigeria

18.Ensure that the photo of your passport meets the requirements

19.Always utilize designated entry points to enter the country.

20.Applicants should be aware that incomplete applications can result in delays or even no Visa is issued;

21.An prospective applicant should be prepared to assume the responsibilities that are required by the Immigration service.

22.An applicant should have sufficient funds to see him / his staying in the country

Requirements Information

1. Address and name of the applicant

2.Age, Sex and Marital Status of the person applying

3.Citizenship of the applicant

4.Purpose of the travel

5.Name of the host company in Morocco

6.Address of the host company

7.Nature of business

8.Position that is held by the applicant in the host company

9.Duration for staying in the country

10.Dates of departure and arrival from the country

11.Financial capacity of the applicant

The Document is required

It is a Morocco Business Visa can be granted to foreigners looking to carry out business-related activities in Morocco and Morocco. Moroccan Business Visa was issued by Morocco’s government via it’s Immigration Service and through Moroccan Diplomatic Missions (Moroccan embassies, High Commissions and Consulate Offices) in other countries.

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1.With Business visas for foreigners, they can are able to introduce new technology and new skills to the country.

2.The government makes money by selling business visas;

3.A business visa encourages foreign investment in



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