How To Apply for a Business Visa In Cambodia

How To Apply for a Business Visa In Cambodia

1.To apply for an Cambodian Visa for business, the applicant should begin by locating the closest Cambodian hassuing agent (Cambodian consulate / embassy or the high-commission) in the country of origin or any country in the vicinity.

A list of these authorized agencies can be viewed at or from

2.Go to the designated issuing agency listed in the 1 above and learn about the conditions for obtaining the Cambodian business visa.

3.Obtain the visa application form and fill it out completely. Don’t forget to include the dates and signatures on the completed application form.

4.After filling out the application form Make copies of the needed documents and add them to the completed form.

5.Make all required payments and then attach the payment receipt to the submitted application form.

6.Submit your application to the office listed in the above paragraph.

Visa on Arrival

1.When an applicant is at the airport or at international border crossings, he or is required to obtain an application form and fill it with care and accuracy.

2.On the form you’ve completed Attach a passport photograph;

3.Make payment and send an application form to the designated section at the airport.

4.Also present your passport at the same place and wait a few minutes while visas are being processed.

5.When the visa is in place and attached to the applicant’s passport, the person applying for it is asked to choose it up.

6.Upon getting a the passport, the immigration official will take a photo of the person applying for the passport prior to when departure from the airport.

7.When the photograph is taken, the person applying for the photo can depart the airport for a be taken to Cambodia.

Documents Required Business Visa

1.A valid passport

2.Recent passport-size photos

3.Copy of the travel ticket or itinerary

4.Business letter from the company of the applicant

5.Letter of invitation

6.Police clearance certificate

7.Onward/return tickets or confirmation of itinerary

8.Evidence of adequate funds to travel

9.International Certificate of Immunization

10.Hotel Reservations (if required)

Conditions required for Visa on Arrival

1.Passport that has at minimum one blank page to be used as a visa, and at least 6 months of validity

2.One (1) passport sized photo

3.A pen to fill in the form

Office Locations and Contacts

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Affairs Ministry and International CooperationNo.3, Samdech Hun Sen Street, Sangkat Tonle Bassac,
Khan Chamcar Mon, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.
Telephone: (855) 23 214 441, 23 216 122, 23 224 973
Fax: (855) 23 216 144, 216 141

2.Cambodian Embassy, High Commissions or Consulate offices.
A list is available at or at

3.The Immigration Department
National Police
5 Oknha Mean Street
Phnom Penh

What Are All The Eligibility

Candidates who want to travel to Cambodian for working or business for a short period for a period of not exceeding one year.


1.Business visa $25

2.Multiple entry extensions per (1) month at US$30

3.Multiple entry extensions to up to three (3) months for US$75

4.Multiple entry extension of entry for up to six (6) months for US$145

5.Multiple entry extensions for the year US$280

6.USA visa fees for applicants are as follows:

  • The Business Visa is a regular (7 10-days) US$40
  • Express Business Visa (2 three days) US$70
  • Business Visa Emergency (1 2 days) US$90


1.Tourist visa valid for 3 (3) months

2.Maximum stay into the country is One (1) month

3.Renewal One (1) month or one (1) month, three (3) months or one (1) year, (6) months, or One (1) year

Processing Time

  • Normal processing of business visas takes takes seven (7) to 10 (10) days
  • Arrival of Visa 20-30 mins at international airports as well as international frontier crossings

Credit card on line 3 (3) working days


1. Make sure to present an original passport and an unfilled visa page

2. A passport must be valid for at the minimum of at least six (6) weeks beyond the intended time of travel;

3. Be aware that the commercial visa is only a one-time entry visa.

4. Verify that all information provided is correct.

5. If you can, try obtaining visas via a visa agent since it’s easier than applying for it on your own;

6. The applicants should be aware they can get applicants should be aware that one (1) or three (3) month extensions are also available as single entries;

7. Six (6) and twelve (12) month extensions are allowed the extension of multiple times;

8. The holders of multiple entry visas are able to enter and depart Cambodia without invalidating their visa.

9. A business visa application can’t be made online.

10. Business and invitation letters must be written on a letterhead of a company;

11. Always use specially designed entry points for entering Cambodia;

12. Don’t stay in the country for longer than the validity of the visa.

13. Have a good character;

14. Make sure you are aware of the all laws, rules and regulations of Cambodia when a visas are granted.

15. Check that the visa you’re applying for is suitable for the activities you’d like to engage in during your stay in Cambodia;

16. Be aware of restricted and prohibited imports.

17. Check that your funds are sufficient to last the duration of your stay in the country.

18. If you’re traveling with children, make sure to collect documentary proof of parental responsibility in the event that it can be demanded.

19. A business letter should state who is financially responsible for the duration of time in the country.

20. To obtain a visa on arrival, forms for application can be obtained at entry points (Air port ) or at international border crossings).

Requirements Information

1.Name as well as address for the applicant

2.Nationality and age and Marital status

3.Country of the country of

4.Purpose of traveling to Cambodia

5.Duration of your stay Cambodia

6.Travel information (flight required, date of departure and arrival in Cambodia)

7.Details of the host company in Cambodia (name as well as address)

8.Position that is held by the company

9.Financial capacity

10.Details of the people who will travel with in Cambodia (number and name address, details of passport and the age)

Documentation is needed

A business visa allows visitors from abroad visit a country to conduct temporary business. Similar to any other country the business visa, often referred to as E visa is also issued for the same purpose. The visa is available at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Cambodia through authorized agencies (Cambodian consulates, embassies and high commissions for other nations) or on the arrival to Cambodia.

Information that can be useful

  • If you’re an applicant coming from Singapore There is no need for an entry visa to Cambodia as well as an applicant who is Philippine or Malaysian who intend to remain within the nation for no over 1 (1) month is not required be granted a visa in order for entry into the country.
  • But you must also have an active passport.
  • Anyone who is of Bangladesh, Iraq, Sudan, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan must ensure they have a visa prior to travelling to Cambodian since they can’t get visas upon arrival.

Other uses for the document/certificate

1.Additional revenues are derived from taxation

2.New techniques and technologies are being introduced in the country.

3.It introduces a wide range of new products and services that are available on the market locally.

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