How To Apply for a Deed Poll In Cambodia

How To Apply for a Deed Poll In Cambodia

1.An applicant should deciding on the kind of deed poll he/she is looking to submit an application for. It could include an adult deed, or one for children;

2.Thereafter announce that you will give the old form and to adopt the new procedures enacted in the deed-poll;

3.After making a declaration the witness and the applicant take the declaration;

4.There after payment, you can request the stamp or seal, that will be placed on the deed’s poll.

  • The stamping or sealing process is done by a notary public or an attorney.

5.When the deed is sealed or stamped The applicant can choose to enroll or not enroll it. The process involves putting the new or committed word on a public record and it is generally performed at the central office of high court.

Documents Required Apply for a Deed Poll

  • 1.Affidavit of the witness who attested;
  • 2.Statement from the solicitor or commission to establish presence at the signing of deep polls
  • 3.Documents to display old expressions;
  • 4.Passport photo graph
  • 5.Payment slips
  • 6.Authorization by parents (in the case of minors)

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Justice (MOJ)

No.240, Sothearos St. 3, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Telephone: 360 327/ 363 204/ 360 421/ 360 329/ 212 693

Fax: 364 119


What Are All The Eligibility

Anyone is eligible to apply to be a deed voter if the applicant you are old enough.


1.Details of the action to be taken should be included in the deed-poll;

2.A deed pool must be registered with a date

3.Declarations and signatures on the poll deeds must be done in the presence of a witness.

4.A witness could be a neighbour, friend or coworker at work , who has signed an affidavit in front of the solicitor or commissioner;

5.The witness must also add their his signature on the deed;

6.Applicants to conduct deed polls on behalf of children must be the parent responsible for the child

Requirements Information

1.Name and postal address the applicant,

2.Name the address and name of the witness;

3.Details of traditional expressions;

4.Details of the new commitment / form;

The Document is required Apply for a Deed Poll

  • A deed-poll is a legal instrument that is binding only to a single individual or to a number of people acting together to declare an intention. This is an official document that is binding only to a single individual or to a number of persons working together to declare an intention. It is not a contract since it is only binding to one person and reveals an intention in lieu of an obligation.
  • By submitting a deed-based poll you can alter your names, forenames, and surnames or add names, delete names, or alter your current names. You are able to change names at any point and for any reason , provided that it’s not used to deceive or defraud , or to escape an obligation. The law that governs the use of deeds polls in Cambodia can be found in known as the Registration of Documents Act, and the change of name rules are outlined in the Act. In order for a person to be eligible to change their name by means of a deed poll they must be 18 years old.
  • The 18-year-old age group an adult to be legally able to consent. All they need is consent with the help of an advocate. However, the entire process begins by you in your own. If a minor is younger than 16 years old There is no requirement for consent from them as they are of a young age.
  • A person or company legally commits himself or herself to perform a task. Deed-based polls in Cambodia could be adult poll deeds or child poll deeds . They are written by attorneys or notaries in accordance with guidelines of the Ministry of Justice.

Information that can be useful

If a deed-poll has been lost or lost A replacement may be granted by presenting documents that show the issuance of an earlier one;

Other uses of the document or certificate

  • .It is a sign of commitment by the person who is signing it; 2.Requiring all persons to be addressed to you under your name as it is now. 3.Importantly Our Deed Poll documents carry our official seal, which means there is no doubt as to their authenticity.

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