How to Apply for a Duplicate Residence Permit In Ivory Coast

Apply for a Duplicate Residence Permit In Ivory Coast By Yourself

  • Request an affidavit as well as a abstract from the police(i) The first step is to start by going to the police station to report damage or loss of your resident card immediately.You must also obtain an abstract of police from police department, which is a requirement for filling out the application. (ii) The applicant is also required to sign an affidavit detailing the circumstances leading to the theft, loss or destruction. It is required to include the affidavit to your application.
  • Make an appointment
    • (i) The applicant must visit the ONECI website, (link below ) then click “click here ” on the webpage to make an appointment with VFS Global

    Set up an appointment(ii) (iii) You will be taken to the VFS Global website page, login if you already have an account. If you do not click “New User” to create an account. (iii) The registration for a new user page will be displayed and you need to fill in all required fields, and then enter the captcha information, then click the “submit” button. (iv) If your user registration goes through successfully and you are redirected to the next page. log in to book the appointment. (v) Login using your email address, password and captcha your security information, then select the “continue” option. (vi) A booking page will appear Select “schedule appointment “under actions, fill out all fields that are mandatory, then click on the “continue” button. (vii) Summary information page will appear check that all the details is correct, then click on the “submit” button. (viii) printout of your confirmation letter that needs to be handed over at the main entrance at the gate to access the Application Centre. (ix) Alternately, contact the Resident Card Application center(+225)20004876 and schedule an appointment.

  • Check out the application for the Resident Card Center(i) The applicants are advised to be at the Resident Card Application Center at least 15 minutes prior to the time of their appointment for security screening. (ii) It is possible to receive an identification number at the point of entry. (iii) Make an announcement of your desire at the desk of the service and you will be presented by a form to apply. go through it thoroughly and fill it in accurately. (iv) Wait in the waiting area until you get your number. (v) Send the completed application form, along with necessary documentation (listed in the following) to the officer of the VFS to verify. (vi) In the event that it is determined that the VFS officer is satisfied documents are correct the application will be considered to be filed. (vii) In the event that information of your application doesn’t coincide with your list of required documents (missing documents) Your application will not be considered and you must go to the Application Centre to complete your application, then return the next day, following the booking of another appointment. (viii) Pay fees for service at the cash counter . you’ll be asked to provide a verbal explanation of how you would like to obtain resident card, if it is accepted at an additional cost (Optional fee for service) look under fees for additional information. (ix) After you have paid the fees for service, go through the booths for biometrics. Your photo will be taken and your fingerprints taken. (x) Once you have completed the application is submitted at the VFS the application is sent on to the National Identification Office (N.I.O.) for processing and decision-making.
  • Take your resident card to the cashier.(i) If the application you submitted is accepted If your application is approved, you will be informed of the result using the method you selected i.e. via SMS or email to your cell phone number that you supplied. (ii) Go to your local VFS office to obtain your card either in person , or through an authorized representative who will carry the below documents.
    • (a) A valid proof or proof of identification;(b) The receipt for payment given to the Centre on the day of submission. (c) An authorization letter that is signed by the applicant ( in the case of a representative )
  • If you’ve chosen to return your resident’s card via courier service the residents card will then be mailed to you via the address you provided.

Required Documents For Apply for a Duplicate Residence Permit

  1. A duplicate of the identity page on the passport and consular card.
  2. The original loss declaration
  3. Copy of the previous resident card (if feasible).

Office Locations and Contacts

RESIDENT CARD APPLICATION CENTERDerriere le Commissariat DU 12eme Arrondissement de Police.
2 Plateaux Vallons – Cocody Abidjan.
Telephone: +225 20004876
Work hours:
To make an application:
From Monday through Friday, From Monday to Friday from 08:00 until 02:00
Except for public holidays

To process an application:
From Monday through Friday, 03:00 until 04:00
Except for public holidays

Call Center (+225)20307940
Toll-free no. 1340
ONECI Enrolment centre agency link



  • Foreigners whose resident permit or resident card was lost, stolen or damaged can apply for.


CATEGORY of the applicant
Religious and co-operant 35,000 ; Service Fee (AMOUNT in FCFA and INCLUDING OFVAT)

Optional service charges

REFERENCE : VFS Premium Services Additional services

Processing Time

If all requirements are satisfied that is, the resident card application is completed within 7 (7) seven (7) working days following the acceptance in the form.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the person who is applying
  • Age/gender
  • Birth date/place
  • Nationality
  • Code of Nationality
  • Passport/consular card details
  • Contact details
  • Address for residence in the Ivory Coast
  • Professional
  • Parents ‘ names
  • Date of appointment
  • The details of the lost resident’s permit

The Document is required

    • The Resident Card is permit or document that permits its owner to remain in a nation that is not an official citizen.

Foreigners must have an active resident card that they are able to live on the Ivory Coast legally

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