How To Apply for a Motor Vehicle Insurance In Cote Divoire

How To Apply for a Motor Vehicle Insurance In Cote Divoire

1.Identify the closest tax office. It is the near Cote Divoire costumes Revenue Authority (CRA) branch within the area you live in;

2.Go to the office to learn about the prerequisites for the successful registration of a motorbike;

3.Organize the necessary documents;

4.At the office, you can get an the application form, ensure that you fill it out accurately;

5.Attach copies of the required documents on the application form and send this form to registration agent;

6.Make all the necessary payments

7.When the application is accepted, the motorcycle is registered, and registration card issued

8.After registration, a licensing officer will review and cross-check documents to ensure that:

  • The motorcycle is registered;
  • the details on the registration regarding the motorcycle are accurate;
  • The motorcycle was checked and a copy from the inspector was included with the application.
  • that the vehicle complies to the requirements of the Act that the vehicle is compliant with the provisions of the Act
  • that the other rules of the Act are in compliance with.

9.The office will then issue an official license on the prescribed form.

Documents that are required Motor Vehicle Insurance

  • Contact number and contact address must be noted on every document.
  • One Application form
  • Tax Payer Number
  • The Certificate of Title or Registration has to be original

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Transports

Gaoussou TOURE

The Ministry of Economic Infrastructure Ministry of Economic Infrastructure

Patrick ACHI. Patrick ACHI

Address : Immeuble Postel 2001, Plateau

B.P. V 6 Abidjan Cte d’Ivoire

Phone: 20 34 73 11

Phone. 20 34 73 15


Fax : 20-21 37 30

What Are All The Eligibility

The applicant must be 14 (18) years old or older .


It is valid for one calendar year.

Processing Time

It takes up to 24 hours for the complete the process.


1.Registration of the vehicle has to be performed in the presence of the owner.

2.To be considered an owner an applicant must fulfill the age requirements;

3.A applicant to register must have healthy mind.

4.Secure the insurance for the motorbike prior to submitting an application for a license;

5.Ensure that all necessary payments are paid upon the application’s submission;

6.For a motorbike to be registered successfully, the roadworthiness certificate has to be obtained.

7.Payments should be made via agents, mobile phones or through banks that are authorized to accept payments.

8.To get a license and other documents, the applicant must be present in person and show the identity documents.

The Information You Need

1.Applicants full name and address.

2.Sex and Age


4.TIN number of the applicant

5.Engine number of the vehicle

6.Model number of the vehicle

7.Make and the country of the country of

Documentation is needed

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Information that can be useful

  • Automobiles are subject to higher customs and import tax.
  • The amount to be paid is contingent on the model, value and year, as well as the cubic centimeters of engine and accessories.
  • Importing vehicles older than seven years is prohibited. The duty is around 44% of the value that is imposed by Customs. Diplomats can import cars or motorcycles duty-free.

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How To Apply for a Motor Vehicle Insurance In Cote Divoire
How To Apply for a Motor Vehicle Insurance In Cote Divoire


  • The post-election turmoil has resulted in the Cte Ivoire’s transport industry in ruin, which includes the railroads, roads, airways, maritime transport and other routes of Cte Ivoire.
  • The government’s goal is to eliminate unions, to create professional industry federations and to train employees of the Cte d’Ivoire transport sector.
  • Additionally roads are inaccessible and, to make things more difficult even there is a huge corruption problem in the Cte d’Ivoire transport sector is extremely corrupt.



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