How To Apply for a National Identification Card In Cote Divoire

How To Apply for a National Identification Card In Cote Divoire

  • 1.The applicant should begin by researching what is required to apply for the National Identification Card. The information is available through the office of the issuer (L’Office National de Identification (ONI) or visiting its website at
  • 2.When you have gathered the applicant is advised to gather all necessary documents and to make copies of the documents;
  • 3.Then the applicant goes to the office that issued the documents with the documents prepared. At this point the applicant has to bring both duplicate copies and the original copy of the required documents , since the officer issuing the documents may ask to review original copies when duplicate copies are presented;
  • 4.The applicant is also required to pay to obtain the National Identification Card; and
  • 5.Submit documents to be used for applying for the card
  • 6.When documents are received, the person applying is informed when to return and choose their card when it’s ready.

Documents that are required National Identification Card

  • Two (2) passport photo graphs (all applicants)
  • The proof of citizenship. The requirements vary based on the way the applicant gained nationality. They are listed below.
  • Citizens of birth
    • Birth certificate
  • Naturalization of citizens
    • Certificate of Nationality
    • Court judgment
  • The woman is was married with an Ivorian man
    • Marriage certificate
    • Certificate of Nationality
  • Adopted applicants
    • Birth certificate or evidence of nationality for an adoptive parent.
  • Citizens born outside of the country who are applicants
    • Certificate of nationality
    • Civil status cards
    • Birth certificate issued by the embassy/ consulate in the country of origin.
  • Slips of payment (all applicants)

Office Locations and Contacts

National Identification Office (ONI)

Ministry of Interior (Internal Security)


Ministry of Justice

Bloc Ministriel Boulevard Angoulvant, Abidjan



How To Apply for a National Identification Card In Cote Divoire
How To Apply for a National Identification Card In Cote Divoire

What Are All The Eligibility

Citizens who are of voting age This is 16 (16) years or more.


  • First time applications are free to be that is paid by the government.
  • Replacement 1500 CFA francs


Valid for a very long time


  • 1.Applications must be made in person
  • 2.Applicants must satisfy the age and citizenship requirements for citizens;
  • 3.Applicants are advised not to provide fake documents;
  • 4.Documents that aren’t in French must be certified as translated as authentic copies
  • 5.Ensure the documents provided are genuine copies
  • 6.Always keep duplicate copies and original copies of documents that are required;
  • 7.Citizens through marriage must confirm that the marriage took place within a minimum of six months prior to the date of their wedding.
  • 8.Applicants must reside in their country when making application. Payments must be paid at NCCC or ex CECP;
  • 9.Applicants born outside of the country must try to get a civil status card from the ministry of foreign affairs prior to applying for national identification cards.

Requirements Information

1.Name of applicant

2.Sex and age

3.Date and place of Birth;

4.Nationality at Birth

5.Home work, residential address;

6.Applicants signature;

7.Names that of their parents applicants;

Documentation is needed

A Ivorian National Identification card is issued to residents of Cote D’Ivoire. It is issued by the National Identification Office (ONI) along with the officials from the civil and judiciary is the office that was established for the purpose of enforcing the identity policy, which includes the issue of National Identification Cards. National Identification Card.

Information that could be helpful

A person who wants to who wants to become a citizen through naturalization of less than five years or through marriage, must make sure that he or she, along with the required documents also had an explanation of the naturalization order, the notice of naturalization which was published in an official publication in the nationalization certificate of the country and the confirmation of the naturalization decree issued by the justice ministry.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

1.A National Identification Card is proof of the identity of the holder’s nationality

2.The card introduces briefly the holder.

3.Through the process of issuing the government gathers information which are utilized by different departments for planning and implementation policies.

4.The collected data are utilized in the census of population

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