How To Apply for a Transit Visa In Cote Divoire

How To Apply for a Transit Visa In Cote Divoire

The process for obtaining an entry visa for transit to Cote dIvoire is the same like any other visa. It follows:

1.An applicant should begin by finding a nearby issuing agency in order to learn the criteria for obtaining a transit visa.

2.Thereafter make all the necessary documents that you require.

3.Obtain the visa application form available at the office of the office that issued the visa and fill it out carefully and with precision;

4.After you have completed the form, attach the documents required to be prepared in the 2nd paragraph above.

5.Make any required payments and attach the an invoice to the completed form.

6.Thereafter it submits an application to the office that issued the application after which it is submitted to the office that issued the application.

7.Wait for your visa processing.

Documents Required Transit Visa

1.Valid passport

2.Onward tickets and visas for the third destination

3.Copy the flight’s itinerary.

4.Recent passport photographs

5.Payment slips

6.Medical authorization certificate .

Office Locations and Contacts


Min. of Foreign Affairs

M/s Jean Marie Jean Kacou GERVAIS

Telephone No. : (+225) 20 32 08 88

Cote dIvoires diplomatic representatives in foreign countries. A list of these plus their contacts can be downloaded from

How To Apply for a Transit Visa In Cote Divoire
How To Apply for a Transit Visa In Cote Divoire

, or from

What Are All The Eligibility

Someone who plans to travel through Cote dIvoire and continue his or her journey to a country in the next 72 hours


The fees vary based on the location the application is made

  • The applicants in the USA are required to pay the following charges:
  • Transit Visa Regular $155


Transit visa Seventy-two (72) hours

Documents to Utilize

The sample application form is available to be downloaded from and from

Processing Time

Five (5) working days


1.An applicant must possess an active passport.

2.The applicant must make sure that they are going to the next destination;

3.Applicant is advised to get onward tickets and a visa prior to making an application for the transit visa in Cote dIvoire;

4.An applicant should ensure that he or she arrives in the country is not staying longer than the the validity of their visa;

5.Applicants who are granted a visa may be prohibited from engaging in any form of paid or business activities;

6.Ensure that the application form has been signed and date-stamped;

7.Enter through the designated entry points

8.Do not bring prohibited items while entering the country.

9.Applicants are required to prove that they have sufficient funds to pay for their journey

10.If you are traveling to a destination with your children, prospective applicants should be encouraged to seek out documents to prove your parental responsibility

11.Applications are submitted in person, by mail or made through visa agents

12.Applicants must be aware that changed pages cannot be used for visa stamps;

13.Applicants must be aware the rules, laws and regulations of the department of immigration as well as of the nation as a whole;

The Information You Need

1.Name and postal address the applicant

2.Nationality or the country of origin

3.Age, Marital Status and Sex

4.Duration for staying in the country

5.Details of the third destination

6.Onward flight details

7.Particulars of the visa and tickets for third destination

The document is needed

A Ivorian Transit Visa is granted to any foreigner who wishes to travel via or pass across Ivory Coast to a third destination. It is granted by the department of immigration through authorized agents, such as the Ivorian consulates/ambassies or Ivorian local visa offices in other countries.

Information that can be useful

1.A transitory visitor who plans to travel to a second place within twelve (12) hours does not require a visas to Cote dIvoire as long as they has valid travel documents

2.The travelers may use the same aircraft as well as the initial connecting plane to another destination, but must not exceed the validity of the visa.

3.Applicants must be aware that their trip can’t be canceled in the transit country;

4.Applicant who apply online must know the best place to pick up visas when it’s available

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

1.Issuance Transit visas permits individuals to enter the country they are in to reach a desired destination

2.The issuing country earns revenues;

3.It creates a relationship between the three countries that are involved (from through transit, and then to);

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