How to Apply for a passport In Ivory Coast

 Apply for a passport In Ivory Coast By Online

  • Download an application form at
    • The four passport application center (Plateau , Deux Plateaux , Marcory , Yopougon )
    • Police Branch as well as air frontiers
    • Website dealer ( )
    • Banks and Financial Agencies ATLANTIC Bank ( BACI ) and Ecobank
  • Make a payment of 40,000 F through the form of an agent Bank ATLANTIC ( BACI ) or Ecobank ( needing the receipt)
  • Send all your documents to any passport centers.
  • The officers will be able to take your picture and fingerprints.
  • Make sure you submit the receipts of payment

Required Documents for Apply for a passport

  • The receipt Bank ( Ecobank or BACI )
  • A valid identity for the application form, duly filled out and verified by the applicant’s cameras
  • The photocopy must be of the National Identity Card (NIC ) or the original identity attestation valid ;
  • The original nationality certificate in orange to represent the first Ivorians born in Côte Ivoire or Cte Ivoire as well as white to show Ivorian origin born abroad , or Ivorian naturalization or adoption ;
  • The original copy of the birth certificate is not valid for a time ;
  • Photocopies of the identity card issued by national authorities green or yellow card, or a copy of the identity certificate of one parent, without expiry date;
  • The passport of the past for those with.

For minors

  • A parental authorization that has been signed and signed from the person whose identification is incorporated into the file .

For children who are older than 13 years old with parental consent , parents must sign the original certificate of identity is valid .

For women who are married:

  • An original copy of the proof of identity or the CNI spouse, and an original duplicate of the marriage certificates.
  • A woman from another country who marries an Ivorian or Ivorian, a duplicate of the marriage certificate, photocopy of the ID or proof of the groom’s identity and the original proof of nationality for the husband.

For naturalized

  • Attach the copies of the file and an original Decree of Naturalization and the Official Journal. Originals are obtained S /DPAF (national security ) by the applicant after the detachment of biometric passports.

For adoptions of foreigners by an Ivorian

  • Photographic copy of CNI or the certificate of identity of the adopter, as well as the adoption in large numbers.
  • To those who are Ivorian adopted by an outsider: the large copy of their passport for adoption, or the photographcopy of the CNI of the family adopting and the consent certificate signed from the father.

Office Locations and Contacts


Boulevard Latrille sense Cocody or Angr

200m to the left of Soccoc to the left

prior to the intersection

DUNCAN Tel: 22 41 38 39


GFCI villa 2087-

100m market new Marcory Anoumambo towards the bridge.

Tel: 21 26 36 88

PLATEAU nation security

Tel: 20 32 02 89


Selmer SICOGI LG 4154 BAT 313

100m of the town hall in direction of WILLIAM PONTY

Tel: 23 51 20 69


The citizens from all over Ivory Coast are eligible


40,000 FCFA


The validity of passports is 10 years and must be renewed every year.

Processing Time

A biometric passport is issued following the verification of fingerprints for 72 hours after the examination and validation of the records through the Sub-Directorate of the Police Air and Frontier (S or DPAAF).


  • Holders of passports with expiring dates must always keep the passport file.
  • Once you’ve removed your biometric passport, the police will recreate the passports using valid visas .

Requirements Information

  • Applicant name
  • Birth date
  • Birthplace of the child
  • Address
  • ID not
  • Parents ID no
  • Marital status

The Document is required

It is the Ivorian Passport will be given to the citizens who reside in Cte d’Ivoire for international travel. Ivory Coast issues biometric passports only. The normal biometric passport is a security-conscious travel document that has an electronic chip that holds biometric and biographic details of the person applying.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • As a proof of citizenship
  • For identification purposes.

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