How To Apply for a Refugee Visa In Angola

How To Apply for a Refugee Visa In Angola

1.The refugee entering the country to apply for asylum upon arrival at the border crossing point must make a request to the asylum authorities or any authority police and can do this in writing or in a conversation. The refugee will be provided with forms to fill in.

2.Specialized staff from the Interior Ministry will be in charge of accepting asylum applications which will be documented on the forms created by the Committee

3.After reviewing your application person is subjected to a confidential interview.

4.The interviews, which will make up the minutes, will officialy done by the employee or at any time as required, before being considered by the Committee on Recognition of the Right of Asylum

5.After having conducted the interviews, by the Ministry of Interior of the area where the applicant submitted the request applicants (and the members of the family, should they be relevant) are issued a identity card of temporary residence

6.All decision taken by the Committee on Recognition of the Right of Asylum will be made known to the refugee via the Ministry of Interior of the area of residence

Documents that are required Refugee Visa

1.Birth certificate

2.Report the reasons behind your leaving home country/ home country

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Palacio do Comercio,

Rua Major Kanhangulo,


T : 222-395-778/394-833/394-878;/323-250/397-276

F : 222-393-246/396-776/320-553

W :

How To Apply for a Refugee Visa In Angola
How To Apply for a Refugee Visa In Angola

Ministry of The interior

Rua do Palcio de Vidro

Luanda, Repblica de Angola

Rua 25 de Abril, 1 R/C

Luanda, Repblica de Angola

Phone: (00244 222) 391079, 390733, 335976 (Apr.08)

Fax: (00244 222) 395133, 392532


What Are All The Eligibility

  • Anyone who is afraid of being a victimized in their home country because of race or religion, nationality, or membership in a specific group’s of social or political opinions or political opinion, is not willing to take advantage of the protection of the country, or despite having no citizenship and not being a resident of the country where the place of his residence is where he is unable to or does not desire to due to this concerns.


The service is completely free.


It is valid for two years, and can be extended to one year with the agency issuing the certificate or consulates in Angola

Processing Time

The processing time for the asylum request is 60 days.


  • If a refugee is not legally within the country is not subject to sanctions for the illegality of their entry or stay when they show up to authorities and are able to explain the circumstances.
  • Furthermore, the unlawful presence or staying in the country won’t be a reason to deny an asylum application.
  • The authority that is able to accept asylum applications is the delegate to the Ministry of Interior of the area where the applicant is located.
  • In the event that the case is based on appeals or applications the petitioner and other members of your family could stay in the country, enjoying all the benefits and rights as temporary residents

Requirements Information

1.Identification details

2.Reasons for the applicant to leave their country of residenceor home country

The Document is required Refugee Visa

A refugee status is given to anyone who is a victim of persecution or the threat of persecution in the country of their origin or the place where they are a resident due to nationality, race, religion or belonging to one particular social group or political belief or does not wish to seek protection in the country in question, or having a nationality but having a different country from which he is accustomed to his home is not able or due the fear of being unable to return to return, or the fact that there is an act of aggression or foreign intervention, or any other event that disturb the public order, either in a particular one or all of the country of his the origin of his or her nationality and not possessing the nationality of the country of residence, must let him/her go to seek refuge elsewhere in his home country or the country ofnationality or in the country where he has his usual home.

Information that could be helpful

The authority in charge of recognizing the right to asylum is the Recognition Committee for Asylum (COREDA) (COREDA), which will comprise a representative from one of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Interior and The Secretary of State, Social Affairs and Immigration and services. Anyone who has committed these violations is not granted asylum recognition in Angola.

  • committed grave violations of the sovereignty and independence that are a serious threat to the independence and sovereignty Republic of Angola
  • were convicted of crimes against peace or war crimes or committed crimes against humanity, as defined by international instruments that deal with such crimes
  • had committed an unintentional offense outside of an ordinary criminal gang in the Republic of Angola before being accepted as a refugee or
  • was found guilty of crimes which are against the purpose and fundamentals that are the basis of United Nations

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