How To Apply for Alteration of Companies Register In Angola

How To Apply for Alteration of Companies Register In Angola

Companies who wish to alter the information on their company’s records within the Certificate of Registration as well as the Registration note. Apply In-Person By Yourself:

  1. Make the request letter to changing the company’s information and attach the required documents to change the record of company data
  2. Go to the SIAC – Integrated Citizen Service in your city to submit your application to the Commercial Registry Office
  3. Go to at the Customer Service Desk, and show your documents to an operator at the customer service desk.
  4. The person on the Customer Service Desk will determine whether the documents you have submitted are valid.
  5. If they are , you will receive a A service guide that includes the information on the payment to be made and the application.
  6. Visit the bank to pay the money and get duplicates of the receipt for payment.
  7. Return towards the registry for commercial section in which you’re required to submit an account statement from the bank.
  8. The representative from the customer service will verify that the amount you paid corresponds to the subscription payment in order to use the services. If they aren’t, you will be redirected to the bank in order to make the proper payment.
  9. If the transaction is compatible the payment, the official will forward your request for processing at a conservative registration company who will verify your document to ensure they’re accurate. Then, he will allow the modifications you’ve asked for in the registration certificate for the company to be completed and send it back to the official in the customer service in order to record the modifications.
  10. Visit the office to pick up the updated certificate.

Documents Required Alteration of Companies Register

  • Request form or a letter
  • Company Deed and Certificate signed by the Notary
  • Photocopy of the partner’s identity card;
  • A photocopy of your Tax ID Document.

Office Locations and Contacts

SIAC – Integrated Citizen Service:
Contacts: +244 923 619 156, +244 990 619 156, +244 222 691 904.
Faleconnosco Email:
Website: SIAC
ALL service units: estamos

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Only authorized companies are allowed to operate.


  • The fees are set by the commercial registry office.

Documents to Utilize

  • Request form or a letter

Processing Time

  • 3 working days


Please provide other instructions related to the certificate/documents. e.g. The state office has birth records from January 1908.

The Information You Need

  • Name
  • Address and address of the business
  • Dates
  • Signatures

Documentation is needed

  • In order to run a legally-registered company within Angola you must have it registered and possess an official registration certificate

Information that can be useful

  • Service manual issued by SAIC: Service

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