How to Apply for a Spousal/Family Visa In Mozambique

Apply for a Spousal/Family Visa In Mozambique By Online

  • A marriage visa application could be an alternative for a foreign spouse who wishes to move to Mozambique.
  • The visa is valid for one year and can be renewed in the event that all financial obligations are fulfilled by the person applying for it.
  • The entry permit is valid for a period of time, the holder is also able to work and earn income within the country, provided they can obtain the necessary work permit along with the visa.

The principal requirements for applying for the Mozambican mariage visa applications are:

  • Legally married to the Mozambican You will have to show the wedding certificate in order to confirm it. If you were married in Mozambique the duplicate of the confirmation of liberties to get married is required.
  • Ability to establish a good financial health by one of the following methods:

A monthly income of 20,000 dollars – get an affidavit from your Embassy in Mozambique that you can attach to your bank statements or income statement. 100,000 deposits in the Mozambique bank account. The funds must be in the account for 2 months prior to the visa application in addition to 3 months prior the renewal of your visa.

The spouse of the foreign national must obtain the initial visa which is a 90-day non Immigrant visa obtained from the Mozambique consulate or embassy of the country of his birth prior to arriving in Mozambique.

Once you are in the country the visa is able to be extended to a one year marriage permit as long as the conditions are satisfied. Extensions can be granted in as little as 21 days prior to the expiration date of the 90-day visa.

For extending your visa you is required to go to the closest Mozambican immigration office along with his documents, and then submit an application for an extension.

The marriage visa for one year is granted if all necessary documents are presented.

If you want to keep your marriage permit You will need to visit an immigration officer near you at least every 90 days to update them on your current address.

If you’re not within the country at the time you’re due to submit the report, there’s nothing to worry about since there is no requirement. A new 90-day counting begins after you return to Mozambique.

In order to make sure that you Mozambican married visa it is best to talk to Mozambican Immigration experts to get advice and assistance. So, your goal of moving to Mozambique is efficient and stress-free.

  • It is also possible to consider the options listed below
  • Review the instructions for review based on the motive behind the your journey to Mozambique.
  • Print and complete, print and which includes Travisa’s Global Service Order Form
  • All of the required visa requirements listed above to Travisa to be assessed.

individuals who can be granted permanent residence without numerical limitations or with a limit on annual residence.

The second group is further subdivided into
  • family-sponsored,
  • employment-based or employment-based
  • Diversity immigrants.

Required Documents For Apply for a Spousal/Family Visa

Spouse Visa Requirements. The documents listed below are required for anyone Mozambican citizen who wishes to bring a foreign wife to Mozambique:

  • Form of visa that is correctly completed (see below for more details).).
    • One photo of me personally.
    • A replica of Mozambican wife’s passport.
    • A signed and dated approval of the spouse.
    • The marriage agreement must be in writing.

Family Visa Requirements:

These documents are necessary for anyone Mozambican citizen who wants to get an Mozambique entrance visa for their children

  • Completely filled out visa application form (see below for more details).).
  • One of my personal photos.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • A duplicate of the father’s or the mother’s passport (the passport of the father or mother).
  • A signed approval from the parent or the father (from either the father or mother).

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Cooperation

Av. November 10 Av. November 10, 620-40

Maputo, Mozambique

Telephone: +258 21 32 70 00/9

Fax: +258 21 32 70 20/1



Ministry of Interior

Av. Olof Palme 46/48. Maputo

C.P. 290, Maputo

Telephone: 258-21-303510, 320131/2

Fax: 258-21-420084

Mozambique Diplomatic Missions abroad.

Contact the Gabinete de Informao (Information Office) in Mozambique to get authorization before applying for the Visa.

Contact details

Tel: +258 21 492386;

Tel:+258 82 312 4750;

Fax: +258 21490209



A list of these diplomatic missions can be obtained from


This visa is given to the spouse of an Mozambican citizens, and the members of the household (sons or daughters the Mozambican citizens).

A. immediate relatives
  • spouse
  • widow(er)
  • Minor
  • Unmarried children
  • parents of the parents of a Mozambican resident who’s 21 or more.
B. Residents who have returned
  • The Lawful Permanent Residents who were previously lawful residents of other countries.

returning to Mozambique after having spent more than a year away.

C. Family-Based
  • Spouses,
  • Children
  • unmarried sons
  • daughters younger than 21 of lawful permanent residents
  • The sons and daughters of married Mozambican citizens, families of the couple.
  • Sisters and brothers of Mozambican citizens, as well as the spouses of their children and.


Visa, which is costing $700.


valid for three years. you can renew it, but after that it will become irreverent.


  • You must be a wife, husband or family member to any Mozambican citizen.
  • If a husband or wife is married, they must sign the marriage contract or certificate

Requirements Information

This information will be mandatory for anyone Mozambican citizen who wants to take his international spouse to Mozambique:

  • Forms for visa applications that are correctly completed.
  • One of my personal photos.
  • A duplicate of Mozambican wife’s passport.
  • A signed and dated approval of the spouse.
  • An original copy of the wedding contract.

Need to have the Document

It is an Mozambican spouse visa or partner visa, granted to the spouse civil partner or de facto spouse of a resident or Mozambican citizen. The visa is granted to the spouse of a Mozambican citizens, as well members from his immediate household (sons or daughters an Mozambican citizens). The applicant must make an application direct to the Mozambican Embassy for the visa and provide the required documents as listed below.

This kind of visa, like a diplomatic visas, are free of cost. It is important to note that although”spouse” refers to a “spouse” is an individual husband or wife who is considered to be their spouse The term is commonly employed in Mozambique to describe the foreign spouse of an Mozambican husband.

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