How to Apply for a Transit Visa In Mozambique

Apply for a Transit Visa In Mozambique By Online

  • First step to fill out the proper Visa application forms. The majority of countries offer one application form for all visa types even Mozambique has the similar. Some countries have separate applications for every type of visa.
  • Some forms of application need to be printed and downloaded and some are available electronically formatted. It is important to follow the instructions given by consular service in your embassy at home or in the country of your birth.
  • In some cases, you may be required the submission of an additional visa application in order to provide more specific details about how you plan to travel.
  • A valid, current passport must be displayed along with your passport as well.The Mozambique Government require that your passport is valid for a that is minimum six months after the time you plan to staying in the transit.
  • Also, a recent photograph must be submitted in the form. It is also possible to be required to prove that you have enough money to cover expenses during the process.
  • You may be required to show proof of your permanent residency. It is typically established by proof of property, family, professional and employment ties, as well as other commitments and commitments which show that you aren’t an untrue person. The process of applying for visas may involve an in-person interview in the consular section of an embassy.

Required Documents For Apply for a Transit Visa

  • In order to apply, submit the following details:
  • A clear scan of your passport’s biodata page (the page with your picture).
  • Your occupation.
  • Dates of estimated departure and arrival.
  • Passport: Please ensure that your passport meets these legal standards:
    • The passport should remain valid for at least 6 months at the time you depart Mozambique.
    • The passport should contain at minimum two pages that are blank.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Cooperation

Av. November 10 Av. November 10

Maputo, Mozambique

Telephone: +258 21 32 70 00/9

Fax: +258 21 32 70 20/1



Ministry of Interior

Av. Olof Palme 46/48. Maputo

C.P. 290, Maputo

Telephone: 258-21-303510, 320131/2

Fax: 258-21-420084

If you’re located in the U.S.

Ambassador of the Republic of Mozambique

1525 New Hampshire Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20036

Phone: (202) 293-7146

Fax: (202) 835-0245


Consular Services

Telephone: (202) 293-7146 ext 223


Mozambique Diplomatic Missions abroad.

A list of these diplomatic missions can be obtained from,


Anyone who is who is transiting through Mozambique from the border to the coast requires the visa to transit.


The fee for processing is to be paid to the Embassy of Mozambique if applying at the Embassy of Mozambique.

The cost for obtaining the transit visa in Mozambique differs from country to the country from which you are and from where you’re headed . Prior to the introduction of transit visas was similar to that of business or tourist visas. Mozambique is one of those countries that charge a separate cost for each kind of visa. Prices can range from 30 up to hundreds dependent on the country from which you are traveling and the country you are applying to.


Transit visas are valid for three to seven days or less for the purpose of transferring passengers through ports in Mozambique to another destination.

Processing Time

Process can take 5 working days


  • The passport should have validity of at least 6 months after you depart Mozambique.
  • The passport must have at minimum two pages that are blank.

Requirements Information

  • A scan of your passport’s bio information page (the page that has your photograph).
  • Your occupation.
  • Date of estimated arrival.
  • Payment.

Documentation is needed

You are traveling through Mozambique on your way for another location, you will likely require the transit visa.

Below is how you can get the Transit Visa for Mozambique. This type of visa is intended for foreigners traveling through Mozambique in the direction of another country. The maximum duration of stay is seven days.

Visas for short-term transit or business and tourist stays are available upon the arrival at the ports of entry to Mozambique.

There are visas that can be granted to transit (or crossing) Mozambique between the border and the border across the coastline. If they are available, this type of visa doesn’t require an “guide” or guide, unless required. In general, it takes about 5 working days in order to complete the application however to ensure your visa will arrive at the time specified, it is recommended to submit your documents at least 10 days prior to your scheduled arrival.

Transit visas cannot be used for travel reasons, the same manner that one is not permitted to travel to the nation without a working visa. However, from our experience we have confirmed that transit travellers are able to stop at any place along the coast , including archaeological sitesand camp in any suitable and safe spots to camp. Because the guide for tours, or escort has been removed (since 2012) and it is advised to apply for a tourist visa instead. Another distinction is that the transit visa is able to allow more time in Mozambique as opposed to the tourist visa.

Information that could be helpful

It is the Mozambican Embassies as well as Consular Offices are the sole accredited Mozambican Government agenciesthat are able to issue Mozambican visas to citizens of a different country.

To avoid any risk that could come out of flight into Mozambique and on Mozambican points of entry, due to confusion, travelers are strongly advised to contact their Mozambican Embassy or Consular Offices in their country of origin to obtain Mozambican visas before travel.

In some cases, you might be required to submit additional documents. Rules and regulations for the Embassy may and frequently change in a matter of minutes. They do not accept any responsibility for any modifications. They also cannot in any circumstance assume responsibility or interfere in any transaction that is initiated directly between the applicant and the Embassy.

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